“They probably saved two lives”: Carlos Sainz praises FIA for introducing concept of ‘Halo’

The horrific crash that made Zhou Guanyu‘s Alfa Romeo car turn into a pile of metal at the British Grand Prix yesterday reminded all the F1 fans as well as Zhou’s fellow racers of the importance of F1’s ever-improving safety measures to avoid any fatal outcome during a crash. As the massive accident at turn 1 of the historic Silverstone Circuit made every racer concerned about Zhou’s health, they were relieved to hear that the young F1 debutant was cleared by the medical examiners and he had not sustained any major injuries despite the magnitude of the crash.

In a similar event that took place in Silverstone during the Formula 2 race in the morning preceding the F1 Grand Prix, Roy Nissany succumbed to a terrible crash as he clipped Dennis Hauger’s car, which went flying off the circuit over th sausage kerb. Hauger’s car fell atop Niassany’s but the DAMS driver was saved from any major injuries because of the revolutionary Halo that all F1 as well as F3 cars use these days to prevent any fatal outcomes.

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Carlos Sainz applauds F1’s safety systems to ensure that Zhou and Nissany were left unscathed after their accidents

Carlos Sainz
Carlos Sainz

Ferrari racer Carlos Sainz has acknowledged the use of the Halo in preventing two fatalities in the major accidents that occured at Silverstone on the same day. He accepted that it is because of the long way that F1’s every-imroving safety systems have come to ensure the drivers’ health conditions are given utmost care and concern, that Zhou Guanyu walked away from the tracks almost unscathed even after suffering a terrible accident. Similarly, he also said that Roy Nissany was also saved by the Halo, or else the weight of Hauger’s car on top of his would have had a terrible outcome in the end.

While speaking on this topic in an interview, Sainz said, “First of all, I took the decision not to see the accident. When the red flag happened, I knew there must have been a big shunt for the red flag. But I didn’t watch the TV.

Obviously, I was incredibly happy to see Zhou coming out of the car without major issues. And then when I saw it now on the podium, I was completely shocked.”

The British GP winner also said, “You know, we sometimes criticise the FIA, but in these cases you need to give it to them how much they have been helping us. And if you see the crash this morning in F2, what happened with the Halo today, they have saved probably two lives and we need to give it to them, the amazing work they are doing in safety.”

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