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“This victory will lift a weight from his shoulders” : Mika Hakkinen knows what it feels like for Carlos Sainz to win his first F1 race

The 1999 Formula One World Champion is familiar with how the Spaniard feels after winning his first Formula One race.

Mika Hakkinen

Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz achieved his maiden victory at the Silverstone circuit. 1999 Formula One World Champion Mika Hakkinen praises the Spaniard and his calibre of racing. The Finn asserts that he has firsthand knowledge of Sainz’s happiness and relief following his triumph in England.

Sainz started the race in first place, however he was unable to hold onto that spot throughout the entire race. His teammate Charles Leclerc, who had to compromise for P4, was passed by him in the end of the race.

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Mika Hakkinen shares his experience of waiting 7 years for his first F1 victory

Carlos Sainz after winning his first F1 race at the Silverstone Circuit

“Like Carlos, I had to wait seven years before claiming my first victory in Formula 1 so I know how happy and relieved he will be. It’s a huge achievement to win your first Formula 1 race. Suddenly the years of hard work and focus pay off,” said Hakkinen.

The Finn feels Sainz is skilled and a likeable guy. He is bothered by the fact that he is competing with Monacan driver Charles Leclerc and consequently living under his silhouette. “This victory will lift a weight from his shoulders, take away some pressure, and I expect he will have even more confidence in himself and his ability after this,” added the Finn.

Hakkinen discussed the tactic of the Maranello-based racing team: “Ferrari hesitated on team strategy, allowing Carlos and Charles to get into a battle which cost them time and allowed Lewis Hamilton to close on them.”

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