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F1 Twitter cracks up as Charles Leclerc makes an unsuccessful wink attempt at Michael Douglas

Charles Leclerc finished on pole position in Saturday's qualifying session.

After the amazing qualifying for Charles Leclerc yesterday, he had the opportunity to meet the legendary film actor Michael Douglas.

Yesterday’s qualifying was one amazing event in which Charles Leclerc scored pole in the Ferrari, followed by Carlos Sainz, and Max Verstappen. 

Post the qualifying, Charles Leclerc met Michael Douglas, the legendary Hollywood actor, who has acted in movies like Wall Street, The Game, who awarded him the pole. As the entire F1 fan base knows, Charles Leclerc winks at anyone he meets, and so he did with the legend; but his wink failed after he closed both his eyes while doing that, and F1 Twitter erupted upon this.

Miami is no stranger to legendary moviemakers and sportstars, as we saw many of the F1 drivers meeting their idols, favorite stars, and also just hanging out the Miami way. Until now, this race week has been a blast, with Norrish customizing his helmet to fit the Miami basketball style, to Pierre Gasly meeting Jordan.
All of this stops but Charles’ unsuccessful wink has been the most hilarious act until now.

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Charles Leclerc can’t get enough of his winking

As we all saw after the 2020 streams, Leclerc is a comic character, and winking has become one of his “signature” acts, he can be seen winking at literally anyone, including Michael Douglas; where everyone would try to be as formal as they can be with the Legendary actor, Charles Leclerc took his chance to wink at him as well!

The qualifying yesterday finished with Charles Leclerc setting the fastest lap at 1:28.796 seconds, followed up by his teammate Carlos Sainz. This happened moments after Max Verstappen had set the provisional pole; both Ferraris set blistering laps, together, to get this result. Max Verstappen tried to set a final flying lap, but was unable to do so.

The Ferraris make the front grid for Sunday, followed up by the Red Bulls of Max and Sergio.

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