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“Vettel just snapped, and left,” F1 journalist deems Fernando Alonso as the culprit behind Sebastian Vettel’s abrupt walkout in Austria

Sebastian Vettel walked out of the briefing in Austria because of the talking spree that Fernando Alonso went on during the meeting.

Fernando Alonso

Sebastian Vettel the former four-time Formula One World Champion was imposed with a huge fine after he walked out of a driver’s briefing before time in Austria.

A lot was made about it during the three days of the Austrian adventure, however, it has recently come to light that the German got out of the briefing before time because of what Fernando Alonso did during the meeting.

Fernando Alonso is known to be a feisty character on and off the track and during the briefing, the Spaniard went on an extremely long monologue to stress the penalty that came his way during the Canadian Grand Prix.

F1 journalist Michael Schmidt has revealed that the 40-year-old’s monologue was so long that a point came when Vettel just couldn’t take more and decided to end his misery by walking out of the briefing.

Sebastian Vettel

While talking about the incident Schmidt said, “Race control hears what the drivers are saying, but then actually doesn’t give any feedback and then does what they think is right.”

The whole thing started, as it seems to always be the case now, with a monologue from Alonso, who takes every opportunity now to show that the penalty he got in Canada was actually wrong.”

And whenever he sees someone doing the same thing and not being penalized, he shows this case and explains it in epic breadth and then tries to get confirmation from race control that he was wrongly penalized.”

And that went on for a relatively long time and it all went in circles and at some point, Vettel just snapped and left because they didn’t make any progress.”

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Sebastian Vettel was fined a whopping 25000 euros for walking out in Austria

Sebastian Vettel

Sebastian Vettel has had a very tumultuous season so far for the Aston Martin team as the outfit has not been able to challenge the mid-field pack and moreover, Vettel has had quite a few fines come his way courtesy of the FIA so far in the season.

The 35-year-old got a fine imposed on him during the Austrian Grand Prix when after crashing his car during a practice session, he decided to jump on a scooter and rode it on the track to get to the pits.

He got a hefty fine for his shenanigans that day and now again the Aston Martin driver has got another fine for walking out of a briefing in Austria.

Sebastian Vettel

It seems all the stars are aligned against Sebastian Vettel at the moment and the German is not able to catch a break that he really needs. However, after the Austrian Grand Prix, the drivers have an off for two weeks before going racing again at the Paul Ricard, and Vettel can use this break to take his mind off the sport for once and come back as a rejuvenated man who is full of high spirits.

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