WATCH: “Jason Statham signed the adoption papers” – Fans react as Yuki Tsunoda meets his Hollywood idol in real life at Abu Dhabi GP

Yuki Tsunoda met his Hollywood hero Jason Statham in real life and revealed a secret about himself.

WATCH: “Jason Statham signed the adoption papers” – Fans react as Yuki Tsunoda meets his Hollywood idol in real life at Abu Dhabi GP

On most days, Formula 1 stars seem like Godly beings who run on adrenaline as they drive at speeds north of 220 miles per hour to seek the Championship trophy. But in truth, they are only a bunch of twenty-something youngsters who have a love for all things adventurous. Being into racing and real-time action on the race tracks, it is no surprise that most of them favor action flicks on their TVs as well. And for AlphaTauri driver Yuki Tsunoda, his biggest action movie idol Jason Statham just paid him a visit at the Abu Dhabi GP.

With films like the Fast and Furious series and Death Race under his belt, Jason Statham is synonymous with Hollywood action movies. It turns out that Tsunoda is a superfan of the British actor as he almost tripped upon himself when Statham greeted him in a crossover video that was posted by Formula 1’s official X handle. The caption talked about Yuki meeting his hero in real life.

They say never meet your heroes, but nobody told @yukitsunoda07. It's the crossover we've all been waiting for.
Formula 1’s official X post about Yuki Tsunoda and Jason Statham’s crossover said.

As Yuki Tsunoda encountered Jason Statham at the Yas Marina Circuit, he exclaimed, “Holy Moly! My heart is going so-” and then he clutched his chest to emphasize on his statement. The Japanese thanked Statham saying that he made his day as the actor congratulated him on his good Qualifying in Abu Dhabi.

Fans fawn over the fact that Yuki Tsunoda’s AirDrop name has a major Jason Statham reference

As a Jason Statham superfan, Yuki Tsunoda has set his AirDrop name to refer to the Hollywood actor to pay homage to him. And when Yuki met with Statham in real life, his AlphaTauri squad member Michael spilled the beans as he asked the Japanese driver to reveal what he has set his AirDrop name to. And then, Yuki did allow Michael to make the confession for him as his AirDrop name was revealed to be “Jason Statham’s son”.

Yuki Tsunoda (via Red Bull Racing)

Here is what the fans have to say about Yuki Tsunoda’s superfan moment:


In other news, Yuki Tsunoda will be joined by Daniel Ricciardo for AlphaTauri’s 2024 Formula 1 outing. The two drivers are set to drive for the team which is rumored to undergo some rebranding as Hugo Boss will become their principal sponsor. The Faenza outfit will also have an upheaval in the their team’s authoritative positions as Franz Tost left the squad at the end of 2023 after an 18-year-long stint.

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