Watch: Lando Norris having time of his life after completing one year with his girlfriend

Lando Norris shares a beautiful picture of his girlfriend after the completion of one year of their relationship.

Lando Norris
Lando Norris with his Girlfriend
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Lando Norris has completed one year of his relationship with his girlfriend after revealing it with some lovely photos with her. Lando after several months revealed his girlfriend in front of the world. With his pics all around the internet, many fan girls find the couple very cute to be together. With a lot of ups and downs in their relationship like any other, they managed to get hold of themselves for a year now.

Norris shared a deadly incident with his girlfriend after his fans came to know about his secret relationship. Lando came out to speak about receiving death threats and abuses about his girlfriend don’t the internet and called those pricks stupid and the most worthless and workless people in the world.

Lando continued with the more horrific incidents including his girlfriend and the texts she has received after revealing their relationship, and the driver was pretty shocked, “Whether it’s about my personal life, me and my girlfriend, especially the number of hate pages dedicated to Luisinha now. It is pretty horrific,” he said.

Lando Norris 2022 season

Lando Norris
Lando Norris

Lando Norris has had a decent 2022 season with the only podium this season out of the blue in Imola. After a fantastic 2021 season with several podiums and coming close to winning the race a few times. 2022 has been very rough for the McLaren team after they slow themselves suffering with the new regulations coming into play.

McLaren this season’s fight is with Alpine, with Daniel Ricciardo still not performing the battle is all on the shoulders of Lando. Norris has to bring out his best to battle the arc rivals amid the controversy of Daniel leaving his seat with reentry in Alpine for 2023.

Lando is currently the best of the rest with 7th in the championship with 70 points behind the drivers of the top three teams. McLaren really needs to work on their car if they want to give Lando a chance to fight with the likes of the top 2 teams.