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“We also changed our culture” : Ferrari CEO John Elkann Talks About The Team’s Sudden Competitiveness In 2022

Ferrari CEO John Elkann goes over the team's improvement and how they have been performing in 2022 after a poor season in 2021.

Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen unveiling Ferrari's sponsors Mision Winnow

Motorsport is an emotion for Ferrari–one of the oldest teams in the history of Formula 1. Started by Enzo Ferrari in 1939, Ferrari gradually earned the spot of being every racer’s dream team after they won 16 World Championships with their host of brilliant drivers like Michael Schumacher, Niki Lauda, Jody Scheckter, and many more. But in the recent years, Ferrari’s performance saw a never-before-seen dip due to their underperforming cars.

But in 2022, Ferrari pooled their funds into making a near-flawless car–the SF-75, which has come up as the car to look out for in this new season of Formula 1. With their perfect car and a pair of amazing drivers, Ferrari has been able to achieve the feat of being the favorites for winning this year’s F1 Constructors’ World Championship.

In a recent interview, Ferrari CEO John Elkann walked us through how Ferrari suddenly gained so much in performance in 2022 after putting up an abysmal result in 2021. He talked about how Ferrari had been targeting 2022, when the FIA would put the new rules into effect, ever since 2020.

Ferrari CEO talks about the team’s improvement and how they became competitive in 2022

Ferrari featuring Mission Winnow

In Elkann’s own opinions, the Scuderia have seen an upheaval in their performance in the recent years. While 2020 and 2021 were a patch of bad luck for the team’s huge legacy, they had all been pinning their hopes for the current season because they wanted to get back to being the great team that they are in this new 2022 season of F1. The Ferrari CEO also said the entire culture within the team feels different now.

Elkann also said the entire focus of the Scuderia Ferrari team had been on their 2022 machine, ever since 2020. In a recent interview with F1.com, the Ferrari executive mentioned, “We trusted Mattia [Binotto] and the team despite all the pressure. We also changed our culture from one of guilt, to one of accountability and from one of individuals to one of team.

In the last race in Imola, Ferrari could not get a desired result although it was their home race. The Tifosi were heartbroken as Sainz’s Ferrari had to be taken away as the driver retired after a crash in Lap 1 of the Grand Prix, and Charles Leclerc lost his lead in the race due to a costly mistake. Now, all eyes will be on the Scuderia as they make their way into the Miami Grand Prix in the US next week.

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