“We need to do more”: Lewis Hamilton on the safety measures in F1 after Zhou Guanyu’s massive Silverstone crash

Lewis Hamilton talks about Zhou Guanyu's massive Silverstone crash and he discusses safety measures in Formula 1.

Zhou Guanyu's crash at Silverstone
Zhou Guanyu's crash at Silverstone
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Last week’s Silverstone Grand Prix made sure the huge British audience got their fair share of entertainment as the race was as spectacular as it gets. But the massive collision that happened between Mercedes’ George Russell and Alpha Tauri‘s Yuki Tsunoda resulted in Zhou Guanyu getting most of the impact of the crash. This resulted in the young F1 debutant’s car swerving into the sidewalls and the rollhoop got crashed.

As the other racers saw the red flag that was immediately called by the FIA, they suspected some accident has occurred. As they came back to the pits, they saw Zhou being carried away in a stretcher. While many of the F1 drivers were apprehensive of the Chinese racer’s condition, they were quickly notified that Zhou Guanyu has passed all the tests that were conducted on him at the nearest medical centre, and that he had no major injuries. Now, Lewis Hamilton has spoken of his exact thoughts during the moment when he first came to know about Zhou Guanyu’s accident.

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Lewis Hamilton describes his thoughts on the Halo saving Zhou Guanyu’s life

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton

Zhou Guanyu’s run at the British Grand Prix took a wild turn as the racer crashed into the walls and had to be taken to the medical centre immediately. The young racer did not endure any major injury, and was cleared by the physician quite fast. And now, every one is praising the Halo, which is a novel idea that was adopted into F1 in order to increase the safety measures that the FIA have taken for the drivers.

In Lewis Hamilton’s words, the Halo is what saved Zhou’s life during the Silverstone Grand Prix as the driver’s neck could have been damaged if it got the impact of the accident. Lewis said, “Thank god for the Halo, Charlie (Whiting). It saved my life and many others. But it could have been worse if the car was in flames. We need to do more.”

Lewis Hamilton has always pushed for driver safety in Formula 1, and he believes there is room for improvement when it comes to taking safety measures. Nonetheless, he has agreed that he is thankful for the Halo as it was primarily the reason why Zhou Guanyu did not suffer any major fractures in his vertebrae that day in Silverstone.

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