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‘We never wanted to replace Lewis’: Toto Wolff rubbishes rumours of contacting Sergio Perez

Mercedes Boss Toto Wolff says that he has not yet considered looking for Lewis Hamilton:'s request

Toto Wolff and Lewis Hamilton

Right at the beginning of the current season of Formula 1 2022, when Lewis Hamilton began his Championship campaign with some below-expectations performances, the rumors about his possible dismissal from Mercedes became rampant. There was word doing rounds in all the F1 communities that Toto Wolff, the Team Boss of the Silver Arrows, was engaged in conversation with Red Bull recruit Sergio Perez, as the Austrian saw him as a potential replacement for Hamilton. But in a recent interview with Motorsport, Wolff has denied such claims and set the record straight about the speculations surrounding Lewis’ future in F1.

As a seven-time World Champion, the entire world expected Lewis Hamilton to come into the 2022 season with his guns blazing, to capture the top spot for a record-breaking eighth WDC title after his second place finish in the previous season. But Mercedes’ W13 is nowhere near the cars of Red Bull and Ferrari this year in terms of race pace and performance. And even then, Silver Arrows newbie George Russell tried to make do with whatever he has, and even scored some podium finishes. Lewis was not so lucky, and he ended up lagging behind his young teammate in terms of race results.

But Mercedes is hoping to rise now as they displayed some good performances in the last few races before the F1 summer break. And thus, Toto said he wishes to replace Lewis Hamilton with noone else as he has faith in the Briton’s skills.

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Toto Wolff denies ever talking to Sergio Perez on the phone about replacing Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton

As the fans observed the drop in Lewis’ performances in the initial races of 2022, they guessed that the time has come for thr 37-year-old to retire now. And if the Briton chooses to exit F1 next year, then Mercedes need to find someone as Hamilton’s replacement. And that someone is, according to the reports, Sergio Perez, who was in talks with Toto Wolff over a potential contract that might come out in future.

The Austrian Team Boss, Toto Wolff, was quick to dismiss all such claims as he said he has never been in a conversation with Sergio Perez over the phone, and he does not plan to, either. He further said that he has immense respect for Perez’ racing skills, but he still does not wish to look for any other racer as he has faith in Lewis Hamilton.

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