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“We’re not fighting for the championship,” Lewis Hamilton disappointed as Mercedes struggle in Imola GP sprint

Lewis Hamilton has admitted that Mercedes are not looking like they would be winning the championship in 2022. Rather they are fighting to understand the car and how to improve the season onwards.

Lewis Hamilton

Mercedes’s Lewis Hamilton has had a disastrous weekend so far in the 2022 Emilia Romagna GP. The Brit qualified P13 ahead of the first sprint race of the season. But could not improve his position and finished the race out of points in P14. While teammate George Russell who qualified for P11 finished in the same position as he started the race in.

The struggles faced by the Mercedes W13 due to bouncing and its lack of speed compared to its competitors were imminent after both the drivers were knocked out in the Qualifying yesterday. It marked after 187 consecutive appearances in Q3, Mercedes failed to get a car into the top-10 for the first time since the 2012 Japanese GP. Hamilton seemed to have had an argument with the team boss Toto Wolff after the team’s failure.

He later shrugged off by saying it is “internal stuff.”After another bad day for Mercedes at Imola, Lewis Hamilton has admitted that the team is not “fighting for the championship.” Rather they are fighting to understand the car and how to improve the season onwards.

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Lewis Hamilton: Hamilton said, “We haven’t got it right this year

Lewis Hamilton

Both Lewis Hamilton and George Russell finished outside of the top-8 and thus could not claim any points in the sprint race. The duo were struggling to gain positions in the midfield and lacked the straight-line speed to take advantage of the single DRS zone on the track. The 7-time World champion has been challenged with porpoising issues on the W13, leaving him unable to compete for victories.

Hamilton said, “We haven’t got it right this year but everyone is working as hard as they can to correct it. This is the situation that we are faced with and we are obviously not fighting for the Championship but we are fighting to understand this car and improve and progress through the year. That is all we can hope for right now.”

He added, “The team have been through many, many bad years because most of the people I have been working with have been here for more than 20 years. It wasn’t the greatest of years in 2013 but we have had great years since then and we stick together and try to motivate everyone.”

Mercedes did not implement any new upgrades in their W13 or their power units which has performed below par compared to Ferrari and Red Bull power units. The team look to salvage whatever they can from this weekend before moving on to bringing new upgrades.

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