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“We’ve been very unlucky” : Fernando Alonso disappointed by poor start to the season

Two-time F1 World Champion and Alpine driver Fernando Alonso admits he has had an unfortunate 2022 so far as he has retired from two out of the four races so far.

Fernando Alonso

We are already four races into the 2022 Formula 1 season, with all the new rules that the FIA have announced in order to make room for some closer racing. But this season has also shown us one common thing between some prominent teams–reliability issues. This has been a season of many DNFs, leaving experienced and competitive drivers with zero points at the end of important races.


If we ask all the F1 drivers, the unanimous comment would be that all of them wish to finish the races properly, before they can aim for winning podium places in the Grand Prix’s. But with the new cars that the teams have unleashed for this new season, there have been many instances where the drivers have had to withdraw from the races completely. We have already seen how 2 DNFs in the first three races have affected Max Verstappen’s chances of winning a second World Championship. Now, Fernando Alonso is also sharing Max’s bad luck as he suffered his second DNF in Imola.

The two-time World Champion seemed so competitive in his Alpine car right from the beginning of the season. While he was placed tenth in the F1 2021 standings, the Spaniard has claimed that he has improved a lot and wishes to get much better results this year in F1. Sadly, Fernando Alonso has got only 2 points to his name till now and is in the 15th position in the Drivers’ Championship standings.


Fernando Alonso laments his “painfully” bad luck after suffering 2 DNFs in the first four races of 2022 F1 season

Fernando Alonso

At the end of 2020, when it was announced that Alpine was bringing back Fernando Alonso for 2021, there was huge uproar from the Spanish racer’s fans. While everyone reckoned Fernando Alonso would deliver great results, he has only been able to win one podium finish ever since returning to F1 after his exit from the sport in 2018. While he hoped for a good start to 2022, he has not been lucky as he has only scored in one of the four races that have already taken place this season.

After coming into contact with Haas driver Mick Schumacher when they were in lap 5, Alonso’s Alpine succumbed to severed damage to the floor and the sidepod. His team was forced to retire his car, and there are speculations that if they are not able to repair it soon, Fernando Alonso might not be able to race in Miami in two weeks’ time.

Speaking on his bad luck so far in this season, Fernando Alonso said, “I prefer to finish the season better than start it good and then finish it bad.

But at the same time, when you see the races on TV, and I’ve been seeing too many at the moment in the first four, and to have only two points in the championship while I should have maybe 25 or 30, that’s painful.”

Everyone will agree that we’ve been very unlucky,” he further said.

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