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“You don’t get any cookie,” Sebastian Vettel admits not appreciating the work behind the track

Sebastian Vettel admits seeing

Sebastian Vettel

Sebastian Vettel, since moving to Aston Martin, has had some troublesome races, especially this year. His recent performance at the Imola GP, where he bagged 4 points, was praised heavily, given the condition of the car that he’s driving, struggling with porpoising and associated issues.

And since the car’s problems have come into a larger picture, Sebastian Vettel is said to be engaged with the car’s development team, providing them with some crucial feedback. With struggles of the garage right in front of him, he admits that he didn’t appreciate the work that went behind the track.

As quoted by The Race, he said, “The work that goes in at the back of the field – which to be honest for many years I did not appreciate as much because I wasn’t there – it’s the same work that goes in from all the people in the team.”

“And it’s even harder because you don’t get any cookie or any reward after the race. Try and make your dog jump without a cookie to please him afterwards, it’s hard. It’s good for them, and I’m happy for the team and good to get both cars in the points as well,” he added.

Sebastian Vettel’s struggles with Aston Martin

Sebastian Vettel’s crash in Australia

Sebastian Vettel is into the 16th year of his F1 career and has won four prestigious world championships. And during these years, the driver has been in a range of teams. Going from being at the front of the grid to most recently, at the back of the grid, he has now experienced it all.

Vettel has had a fair share of struggles at teams. But the most terrible seems to be the one currently at Aston Martin. After an expectedly disappointing 2021, the German hoped that the things would improve, considering the investments made into the infrastructure by the owners, but they didn’t.

Now, with porpoising combined with other designing issues, the frustration is visible in the team and especially its drivers. They still have plenty of races remaining this season, where they can test out their developments, so they can have a fresh and a strong season next year.

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