“You’re about 0.3, 0.4 seconds slower per lap,” Daniel Ricciardo reveals how a healthy diet makes drivers faster

Daniel Ricciardo shares how his diet helps him get ready for the sport.

Daniel Ricciardo Diet

Daniel Ricciardo joined McLaren in 2021 and is a part of the team for two years now, he is not having a season we expect him to have. He has been giving his best but isn’t able to perform to that level. He talks about the diet he keeps following during the season to keep himself on tow anytime.

Every sport needs the players to be at their top fitness, and so does Formula 1. Partying isn’t part of the job during the season. Driver’s weights actually carry the whole car to the pace they could achieve. Every 10 kilos means a loss of 3 to 4 tenths of the second every lap, which in racing could hamper your whole race.

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Agrees Daniel Ricciardo talking to GQ Sports. “Every extra bit of weight we carry can be detrimental to our lap time. Ten kilos added means you’re about 0.3, 0.4 seconds slower per lap. In racing terms, that’s a lot. ” 

People hate following healthy meals and diets but not McLaren driver, he accepted his love for his food which helps him be a better athlete “Fortunately, I love my vegetables, I love all that stuff,” he laughs. “So I manage pretty well to stay slim, if I have to.”

A fast metabolism is also something of magic that helps people lose some weight whereas others get some gain even when they don’t eat as much. Daniel laughs out about being lucky and fit for the sport. He has a fast metabolism which doesn’t restrain him from eating out well “So I can still afford to eat good meals!”.

How has the season been for McLaren and Daniel Ricciardo?

Daniel Ricciardo Mclaren
McLaren 2022 in Rain

Daniel isn’t having the best of his season, he has scored 11 points until now. McLaren is fourth in the championship with 46 points. The start of the season wasn’t the one McLaren ever hoped for. Zak Brown, CEO of McLaren joined the team after the 2017 season when they were the backmarkers. He brought the team from last to the thick midfield position finishing 3rd and 4th in the 2020 and 2021 seasons. 

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This season they struggled at the start being out of points in the first 2 races. But later they turned the tables around and backed a podium in Imola reaching that midfield again

Spanish Grand Prix could be an exciting one for the team to watch as they are bringing upgrades for the cars.

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