F1 reveal record-breaking TV audience figure for Verstappen-Hamilton Abu Dhabi GP showdown

F1 pleased with the coverage it has had since the pandemic subsided and looks forward for normal business to resume.

Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen
Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen

The most epic title clash in motorsport history between the dynamic duo of Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton was watched by almost 109 million people across the world. The global carnival went global in its truest form.

Apart from this announcement, Formula 1 also revealed the number of fans that attended the races across the world which went on to shatter all records.

The most surprising aspect of last year was the fact that there were only 17 Grand Prix but there was a 4% increase in the people watching the sport out of the cumulative T.V. target audience of 1.55 billion.

The saga started in Bahrain and there were already signs of this year being a year where more people watched the sport as 84.5 million watched the Grand Prix as well there was increase in the viewers for the newly instilled sprint weekends at Silverstone [79.5m], Monza [80.4m] and Sao Paulo [82.1m], which took the total average across all 17 races to 70.3 million.

F1 pleased with the coverage it has had since the pandemic subsided and looks forward for normal business to resume

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F1 fans

But there didn’t happen out of nowhere. The level of racing has been the major contributor in this increase. The level of talent on show and the fearlessness that the drivers showed helped Formula 1 benefit as a consequence.

As the pandemic subsided, 2.69 Fmillions marked their return the circuit which was obviously lower than pre- COVID figures of 4.16 million because of limited number of spectators allowed at certain circuits whereas none at all at other. F1 seems to be content with the numbers as it they look forward for normal business to resume.

F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali said: “The 2021 season was something very special.”

“We had a championship battle that went to the last race with huge excitement throughout the whole championship.”

“We have also seen some very strong figures across broadcast and our digital platforms, showing once again the momentum, excitement and interest that is all around Formula 1.”

“We are looking forward to our record-breaking 23 race season this year, with new cars, new regulations, and a new challenge for all the teams and drivers.”

“I know all of our fans can’t wait to get the season started,” as reported by gpfans.

The excitement among the fans is vividly evident in the unveiling of the cars of different teams itself, which is more like to continue throughout the year which can be a blessing for the sport as it works towards normal business and bring back the golden days of the sport.

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