FA offers Wembley Stadium in order to complete Premier League Season


England’s Football Association (FA) has offered The Wembley Stadium and St George’s Park (the National Football Centre) as the venues which can help the Premier League complete this season.

Reportedly, Wembley could host two matches in one day if limiting travel between the two venues are out of any restrictions. However, fans will unlikely be allowed to attend.

Earlier, Football in England has been suspended from March 13 and its return is likely to be made on medical advice and government support.

“When we know about the length of lockdown and exit mechanisms we can see which options are viable,” the source told the Times.

The report also added, “St George’s Park, which has a hotel with 228 guest rooms on site as well as 13 pitches, five of which are floodlit, could be used as a quarantined training centre”.

Currently, all the sporting action in the world is at a pause, following the Novel Coronavirus ‘COVID-19’ pandemic in the world.


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