Falco vs Robo pet in Free Fire: Comparing their abilities

Free Fire is a versatile game and is known for its unique features in the game. Pets are one such addition in-game. Take a look at the comparison of Falco vs Robo.

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Falco vs Robo pet in Free Fire: Comparing their abilities 2

Free Fire is known for its various unique features and additions it possesses. One such addition is the pets into the game. The game offers up to 15 different pets to choose from. Every pet possesses special abilities and they act as a companion to the players. Pets are proving to be significant and vital over time. Two such pets are the Falco and Robo. This article includes a detailed comparison of Falco vs Robo in Free Fire.

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Falco vs Robo: Abilities in Free Fire

1. Falco

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It is the first and only flying pet in Free Fire. It has an ability called ‘Skyline Spree’. Its skill increases the player’s gliding speed upon skydive by 15%. Apart from this, its skill also increases diving speed by 25% after the parachute opens. This skill is one of the most effective skills in Free Fire and most players now equip this skill. This ability provides the players with the early landing so that players can equip guns and equipment before anyone else in the place. This skill is also applicable to the whole squad. At the max level, gliding speed increases by up to 45% whereas the diving speed up to 50%.

2. Robo

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Robo, as the name suggests is a robot pet in Free Fire. It comes with a special ability, ‘Wall Enforcement’. This skill helps increase the durability of the Gloo wall from 60HP. However, at the max level, the durability increases upto 80HP. On upgrading the pet to level 5, it unlocks a new Robo skin. The ability increases the players chance of survival in the battlefield.

Falco vs Robo

Falco and Robo are arguably two of the most liked and used pets in Free Fire. However, on detailed comparison it is visible that Falco better suits the tournament players. The major drawback is that Falco can only be used in the Classic and Ranked mode whereas Robo is applicable in both the modes.

Robo pet is best used in the Clash Squad modes where players are required to place gloo walls frequently. Its skill also increase gloo wall durability, this makes sure that players have better chances of surviving till the end. This was all about the comparison of Falco vs Robo.

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