Father-Son Duo: 5 footballers who followed the footsteps of their fathers

Father-Son Duo: 5 footballers who followed the footsteps of their fathers

Football is often termed as “The Beautiful Game” because it not just connects two lives together i.e. the fans and the players but it creates and ecosystem which generates talents for generations.

For instance, there are certain football players who had followed the footsteps of their father and passed on their heritage to a future generation.


Today, we will be covering up Father-Son Duo: 5 footballers who followed the footsteps of their fathers

5. Timothy Weah

Timothy Weah among the Father-Son Duo: 5 footballers who followed the footsteps of their fathers

A son of a legendary footballer, who dominated football in the 90’s. George Weah was lethal in terms of goal scoring and even won the prestigious Ballon D’or and FIFA World Player of the year in 1995

By achieving this feat he has become the first African player to receive such honors. He has scored more than 200 goals in his professional career and now his son Timothy Weah is also following in his footsteps.


He is a PSG academy graduate who is currently playing for Lille having played already as a first team player for both PSG and Celtic as a loanee.Though he selected United States over Liberia for International duties which is quite ironic because George Weah is the current President of Liberia.

4. Federico Chiesa

Federico Chiesa one of the best footballers in serie a right now among the Father-Son Duo: 5 footballers who followed the footsteps of their fathers

Enrico Chiesa has enjoyed a good career at the heart of Italian Football. He was so in love with his home country that he spent his entire career in Italy itself. He had also hung up his boots with more than 200 goals in his name.

His son Federico Chiesa was unarguably the best player for Italy at their Euro 2020 triumph. He is the hottest property in the entire Serie A right now, who is under every top club’s wish list, especially the clubs from the United Kingdom.


With his sizzling pace and remarkable intelligence with the ball, he can become a nightmare for defenders across Europe. He has certainly all the right qualities to become a top class footballer, even surpassing his father if he plays his cards right.

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3. Erling Braut Haaland

The name is enough Erling Braut Haaland mark my words he will be one of the greats of the game. He is also among that Father-Son Duo

He is simply unbelievable, when it comes to scoring goals from anywhere and everywhere Erling Haaland is a name that strikes everyone’s mind with respect to youngsters. And he is just 21 which is really hard to believe.


He is already considered as an heir to the Ronaldo & Messi throne alongside Mbappe because of his insane numbers. He is simply a machine scoring goals like it is some kind of a video game. 

His father Alf-Inge Haaland used to play in the 90’s. He has represented famous clubs like Leeds United and Manchester City as well. He has a career highlight in the name of his iconic feud with Roy Keane.

Nevertheless, if Erling Haaland continues to play like these he could soon become the best player in the world and then Alf would probably be known as the father of an incredible footballer which is not too far from now.


2. Kasper Schmeichel

Kasper carrying the legacy left by his legendary father Peter Schmeichel among the Father-Son duo

The current goalkeeper and the captain of Leicester has certainly made a name for himself in the Premier League. He took his last name way too seriously and continued the legacy of his father.

Peter Schmeichel, who is one of the best goalkeepers in the history of the Premier League. He is certainly considered a Manchester United legend due to his immense contributions in the success of the club during the prime years of Sir Alex Ferguson.

And one thing which can be rightly said is that the Schmeichel family has goalkeeping running all over their veins and these two generational talents proves it out loud.


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1. Daniel Maldini

The Maldini family representing The Rossonerri generation after generation. Daniel will be the third generation superstar and among the  Father-Son Duo: 5 footballers who followed the footsteps of their fathers

This one doesn’t need an explanation because we are talking about The Maldini Family. Daniel Maldini is the third generation superstar from the legendary Maldini Family. Firstly his grandfather Cesare Maldini has represented the famous Rossoneri in the 50’s and 60’s.

Then his father Paolo Maldini the legendary defender who is arguably the greatest defender of all time who has certainly lifted the gameplay when it comes to the art of defending. He was a one club man featuring more than 900 times for the Rossoneri and winning 25 trophies with them.


Daniel Maldini is just beginning his career with AC Milan and is doing quite significantly well with them. He has it in his genes to become the very best in the business.


So, these were the list of  5 footballers who followed the footsteps of their fathers. With a potential to even surpass their fathers in terms of legacy. It will be quite exciting to watch the players perform well and truly carry on their family legacy and pass it on to the future generations.

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