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“F****d up attitude from out them” Kevin Durant is very disappointed as the Nets took the Clippers for granted

The Nets star Kevin Durant is disappointed from his team and it's loss against the Los Angeles Clippers

Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant appeared quite disappointed after the game of Brooklyn Nets against the Los Angeles Clippers. The Nets had to face their defeat on Saturday night with 120-116 on the final board. Kevin was frustrated by the fact that the Nets took the game for granted that cost them heavily in the third quarter. 

The game took place at the Barclays Centre scheduled as per the local time. Nets had their home game after they lost to the 76ers in their last match, while the Clippers had to face them after losing to the Toronto Raptors in their previous game. The Brooklyn Nets stands second in the Eastern Conference roster while the Los Angeles Clippers stand at the sixth position in the Western Conference roster.

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"F****d up attitude from out them" Kevin Durant is very disappointed as the Nets took the Clippers for granted 2

The Brooklyn Nets have won 23 games and lost 10 among 33 games played in total while the Clippers have won 18 games and lost 18 games in the 36 games played in total. And it was the Clippers who tasted the defeat, last time when they faced the Brooklyn Nets.

Kevin Durant who was standing at the top of the MVP list before he was out due to the COVID-19 regulations now stands at the second position on the same. He’s been averaging 29.8 points, 7.9 rebounds and 5.7 assists per game which is one of the best among the best players in the league.

Kevin Durant speaks on the Nets loss against the Los Angeles Clippers

James Harden and Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant was seen disheartened after the game against the Clippers. He was upset of the fact that the Nets didn’t just lose to the Clippers encouraging their second straight defeat but they did this taking them for granted during the game.

As he spoke in the post-game interview he said “We just relaxed too much. We get up 10, miss a layup or turn the ball over, and they get a fast break, give up a 3, straight-line drive — like coach Steve Nash said, we didn’t deserve to win this game. We came in here with a f**ed-up attitude. Thinking we were just going to walk into a W.”

Kevin Durant

Further talking of the game as how much each and every team in the NBA right now is suffering because of the COVID-19 outbreak he said “It is natural when team and so many players are going through so much over there and you relax. You think is you lose a NBA game like this”.

When the reporter further asked of how much Patty’s absence was  a factor during the play-down stretch. Kevin said, “It was a huge absence, and when he got out all they kept on screaming was now they only got two shooters out there, that’s what they were saying. So we knew that double team is coming, just forget about their defence scheme it brings to James and to myself for the last 6 minutes of the game”.

It was surely not a worthy defeat but the fact that Kevin acknowledges the same is a hint that it will not be repeated again. The Nets are performing among one of the best teams in the league and such a mistake is a must, to not be repeated again. But what comes for them in the future is, for now, is unknown.

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