Roger Federer meets the viral ‘rooftop tennis’ girls duo, plays rooftop tennis himself

Hard times, never stays longer and it’s you who can make yourself happy in any situation. These two sayings are very popular and during this pandemic, when everything came to a standstill, Italians girls duo proved it.

During the strict lockdown and even facing frustration and mental illness due to not continuing their daily activities and even cannot go out, these girls came up with an ingenious way to play their beloved sport. They took to the roofs of their respective buildings and started playing tennis, the video was even shared by ATP giving a reminder of the values of small joys during crisis.

Roger Federer surprises rooftop tennis’ girls duo

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Now, our world No.4, Roger Federer, to shoot a commercial, has himself landed in Liguaria, the Italian reign where the girls played. Guess who is costarring Federer in this commercial, none other than Oliveri and Pessina. 

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After launching his own brand of shoes, called ‘the Roger’ in collaboration with ‘on running’ , this is the latest in a long line of off-court activities pursued by Federer during the break from tennis amid COVID-19.

Coming back to Italy, Vittoria Oliveri aged 14 and Carola Pessina only 11 in order to find a way to practice tennis as their club were shut amid virus, had to do something and that’s how came up with an innovative solution.

“It was their idea. They know each other well, they’re friends, and they live in neighbouring buildings,” said the coach of the two girls, Dionisio Poggi.

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A few pictures of the Roger Federer playing tennis on a rooftop have emerged too. This is a great gesture by Roger Federer towards the budding players. Fans are waiting for the video of the commercial, whenever it is released, dates aren’t disclosed yet.

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