Fernando Alonso believes he is ‘better’ than the rest ahead of the season opener in Bahrain

Fernando Alonso is confident of his chances ahead of the season opener in Bahrain.

Fernando Alonso
Fernando Alonso

Fernando Alonso returned from a two year hiatus and will race for Alpine this year. The 39-year old driver will partner with Esteban Ocon, who finished second in the Sakhir Grand Prix last year. The two time F1 World Champions adds more excitement to the grid, just with his sheer presence. He is known to be a daunting opponent and will hope to do well this year.

In a video interview with BBC, ahead of the season opener in Bahrain this weekend, Fernando Alonso claimed that he is still better than the other drivers. Alonso also accepted the fact that the grid this year has several world-class drivers and it will be a difficult task to beat them all at once.

There are some young, talented guys who have been showing great performance in the junior categories and then we still have the champions,” Alonso said.

They were here two years ago with Lewis, Sebastian, Kimi, Verstappen – even if he is one of the younger generation, he has raced at the top level for four or five years. I think we have a very competitive grid and it will be a challenge to beat everyone on track,” he added. When asked if he is still as good as his competitors, Alonso replied, “No, I’m better.”

Fernando Alonso targets the 2022 season with new regulations in place

Fernando Alonso added that it was a great feeling to be back in Formula One and he hopes to do well this season. However, the Spaniard stated that he is targeting the 2022 season because of the newer regulations which will make it a level playing field. Sprint race plans are also a part of the plans for the next season, which could change the grid and give more drivers, a chance to prove themselves.

I’m back in Formula 1 with the aim of doing well, obviously, and the aim of having the chance to win races, hopefully to fight for Championships. We understand this year that will not be possible because the regulations are a little bit different but basically the same as previous years, so I don’t see any miracle happening there,” Alonso said.

But I think in 2022 there is a chance, with the new regulations, of mixing a little bit the order of the grid and we want to be one of those teams that surprise everybody and to do that we need to work hard this year,” he added.

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