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FreeFire India Championship 2021 Spring

The league stages of Free Fire India Championship 2021 Spring are ongoing. The tournament started on 19th February and is scheduled to end on the 7th of March.

It all started with a total of 17 teams divided into three groups. The matches are being played at Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Till now two weeks and six matches have been played. There is only one week left Week-3 of the league stage. It will begin from 5th March.

FreeFire India Championship 2021 Standings After Day-6

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Day-6 Final Standings

At the end of Day-6, Group-A was led by Sixth Sense with 64 points. The fan-favorite team Total Gaming eSports is at second place with 58 points. Galaxy Racers is at 3rd place with 58 points.

Team Elite dominated Group B with 61 points followed by LVL Iconic with 58 points. Despite the strong comeback by Captains, they are at 4th place.

Group-C is topped by Survivor 4 AM with 74 points. Team Chaos followed them with 65 points. There is only 5 teams in Group-C as 4 Unknown is disqualified for violating rules.

Week 3 Schedule of Free Fire India Championship 2021 Spring League

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Week 3 Schedule

A total of six matches will take place in Week-3 at 6 PM IST. After Week-3 the top two teams from each group will be send to Grand Finals. The rest 11 teams will battle in Grand Final Play-Ins for the rest 6 spots in Grand Finals. Grand Final Play-Ins starts from March 14.

5th March – Day-7 – Group A v/s Group C
6th March – Day-8 – Group A v/s Group B
7th March – Day-9 – Group B v/s Group C

The prize pool of FFIC 2021 Spring is 75 lakhs INR. The Winner of the tournament gets 35 lakh INR. The First Runner up gets 15 lakh INR.

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