FIFA Recommends Postponing International Matches Scheduled For June


Global soccer’s governing body recommended on Friday the postponement of all men’s and women’s international matches scheduled for June because of the Coronavirus Pandemic, FIFA said following in a meeting of its COVID-19 working group.

COVID-19 working group was recently established by Bureau of the FIFA Council to address the consequences of COVID-19 Pandemic and the recommendation came in the first meeting of COVID-19 working group.

In the meeting they also recommended to include the new dates of the Women’s Olympic Football Tournament in the women’s international match calendar and to create a sub-working group on the women’s international match calendar to consider potential changes to the calendar and dates of postponed FIFA final tournaments.

FIFA would like to thank the positive contributions and cooperation of all Confederations’ representatives and highlight the spirit of unity, solidarity and mutual understanding which culminated in the adoption of these decisions,” FIFA said in an official statement.

“FIFA also reiterates that health must always be the first priority and the main criteria in any decision-making process, especially in these challenging times,” it added.

During the recommendations, FIFA also said that the Olympics should remain open to players born on or after Jan 1, 1997, as originally planned. If this actually happens, it will effectively increase the age limit by one year.


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