FIFA set to announce indefinite extension to 2019/20 season, claims report


FIFA is to confirm an indefinite extension to the 2019-20 season across the globe, allowing each country’s football authority to determine when campaigns can finish.

According to the report “While the decision from the highest authority in football does not take null and void off the table, it considerably reduces the chances of seasons being cancelled together.”

As per the athletic for summer transfer window FIFA is looking to shift the dates and on June 30 for tweaking the rules for contract extension of players because their deal will run out.

Now within 48 hours FIFA will give flexibility to Governing bodies and will allow them to take decision regarding that football will be halted indefinitely in their countries.

Premier league want to ensure the 2019/20 season is finished. Belgium cancel their season altogether and became the first Nation to do that and also announced club Brugge as the champions.


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