Who Was The First Female Character In Free Fire To Have Active Ability?

Free Fire has a number of characters with unique skill in their roster both males and females. Here in this article we will take a look at first female character in Free Fire with active ability.

A124 character in Free FIre

The first female character in free fire with active ability Garena Free Fire is one of the most popular game in the mobile battle royale genre. The reason behind this enormous success is their huge roster of unique characters with special skills. At the time of writing this article they have 37 characters from which 16 characters are female with different abilities excluding Nulla.

Character’s ability are classified into two categories “Passive” and “Active” here in this article we will take a look at who was the first female character with active ability in free fire.

First Female Character In Free Fire With Active Ability

first female character in free fire
A124 Ability

The first female character with active ability in the game is “A124” her in-game description says that she is a robot made with modern technologies. She has an active skill “Thrill Of Battle“. At her base level, she can convert 25 Energy Points (EP) quickly into Health Points (HP) with a cooldown period of 90 seconds.

At the maximum level, her ability can convert 50 EP into HP with a much lesser cooldown period of 60 seconds. Which can be extremely useful in the close encounter as you can restore 50 HP instantly which gives you an extra edge over the enemy in clash squad mode.

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First Female Character In Free Fire

Garena reworked on his skill in the OB27 update gving her some buffs so that she can compete with the characters like DJ Alok, Chrono and Wukong. Her previous skill was Initially, you can convert 25 EP to HP with a cooldown time of 150 seconds. When fully upgraded she can convert 50 EP to HP and the cooldown time decreases significantly as well.

They reduced the cooldown time of her skill significantly to make it more useful in shorter formats like Clash Squad Ranked and CS Clsassic. This resulted in an increased liking to hr skill and now players use her skill in-game to gain advantage in close quarters and use it on the battlefield to gain upper hand on their enemies.

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