First Raiders wins Free Fire World Series 2021 Singapore Play-Ins

The FFWS 2021 is a 2 million USD global Free Fire tournament taking place in Singapore. Read below to find out who won the Play-Ins and who were the top 3 teams.

Free Fire FFWS 2021 Play-Ins
First Raiders make it to the Grand Finals in Free Fire's FFWS 2021 tournament

The Free Fire World Series (FFWS) 2021 play-ins finally ended, with the Indonesian team First Raiders emerging as table leaders.

The FFWS 2021 is a global Free Fire tournament worth $2 million that will take place in Singapore. In the play-ins, the best nine teams from across the world played in six matches to secure a position in the finals.

The top three qualifying teams for the FFWS 2021 Grand Finals

Free Fire FFWS 2021 Play-Ins
The top 3 teams in Free Fire FFWS 2021 Grand Finals

1. First Raiders (Indonesia)

2. LOUD (Brazil)

3. HQ Esports (Vietnam)

At the finish of the play-ins, the First Raiders lead the points table with 44 kills and 94 points. LOUD placed second with 34 frags and 86 points, while HQ Esports came third with 37 kills and 83 points. With 65 and 64 points, respectively, Singularity and DEA finished fourth and fifth.

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Overall rankings for the Free Fire World Series Play-ins:

The first match, played on the standard Bermuda map, was won by the Brazilian team Loud, who eliminated 12 opponents. 

They were followed by VaiXourar and DEA, who each had four kills. Loud Cauan7 undertook the MVP award with eight frags.

DEA won the second match with seven frags played on the desert map Kalahari. With nine eliminations, the First Raiders finished second, with Ombaac alone picking up four frags.

The Booyah was won by the First Raiders in the third match, played on Purgatory, with a massive 13 kills. They were followed by HQ Esports and Loud, having nine and four frags each.

Free Fire FFWS 2021 Play-Ins
Standings table

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The Singularity Invincible won the Booyah in the fourth match with 13 eliminations, with Moskvin alone scoring six frags to earn the MVP title. They were followed by the DEA, which had seven kills.

At the outcome of the fourth match, the First Raiders topped the points table with 64 points. The second and fifth-placed teams were close enough with just 15 points apart.

Loud once again won the fifth match with eight kills. They were followed by HQ Esports and First Raiders, who each received nine and seven frags in the Free Fire tournament.

HQ Esports won the sixth and last match of the day with a massive 13 kills, allowing them to qualify for the finals. First Radiers took second place in the final match with seven frags.

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