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“I didn’t go to the training”: Aaron Ramsdale recalls how he ‘forced’ his way out of Sheffield United to join Arsenal

Aaron Ramsdale joined Arsenal from Sheffield United in the Summer of 2021 at a transfer fee of £24 Million.

Aaron Ramsdale

Aaron Ramsdale has turned things in his favour pretty quickly. The English goalkeeper who was being trolled online and called ‘overhyped’ on social media after being bought by Arsenal for a whopping transfer fee of £24 Million (which can eventually rise up to £30 Million) just a few weeks ago, is a fan favourite now. His insane reflexes and goalkeeping skills which has flourished under head coach Mikel Arteta making him one of the most loved Arsenal players currently. All thanks to his brilliant performances day in and day out. 

Things have finally started looking nice for Aaron Ramsdale which is pretty uncharacteristic of him. The goalkeeper’s career has been full of chaos all throughout. You might have first known him as the goalkeeper of FC Bournemouth. After they got relegated to the Championship, Ramsdale was bought by Sheffield United and they too got relegated a few months later. 

The Arsenal fans were thus very pessimistic about signing an ‘unlucky’ player for such a high transfer fee. However, they value him very highly now after seeing his performances. 

In a recent interview, Aaron Ramsdale was talking about the things he had to do in order to join Arsenal. There he revealed that he was missing training sessions at Sheffield so that the club was obliged to sell him to the Gunners, which they ultimately did. 

Aaron Ramsdale missed trainings to force his way out of Sheffield United

Arsenal Goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale

Speaking on the youtube podcast of Watford goalkeeper Ben Foster, Aaron Ramsdale narrated the whole incident. He said, “There were bids coming in and they (United) were turning them down and I was like ‘you said this…’ but they were making these numbers up saying ‘if we sell you for this then we have to pay Bournemouth back all in one go and we only have this amount of profit’.

“It went on and I got told on the day of a game that a bid had come in, and I decided to play. Sheffield United knew that and then after the game, they rejected it.

“I won’t name a name and I hope my agent doesn’t see this as I might get in trouble, but normally if you don’t get your move, you’re rewarded with a new contract. It’s not set in stone but that’s normal, you saw it at Brentford with Ollie Watkins when he didn’t move.

“So we said that and someone at the club, I won’t name names, said: ‘We didn’t ask him to take less money when he was conceding goals at the start of last year.’

He added, “That’s when I basically went: ‘I won’t play against West Brom, do what you want.’ I didn’t train for the first two days of the week, the Monday and Tuesday and the manager was like: ‘He’ll be alright, he’ll play.’

“Tuesday came and I was like: ‘No, I’m not playing.’ On the Wednesday I wasn’t in the squad and then 10 minutes before kick off I was on my way down,” the goalkeeper concluded. 

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