How Alfredo Di Stefano to Real Madrid changed the dynamics of El Classico?

Who dont know the saga of Alfredo Di Stefano to Real Madrid? But it is unclear what happened. In this article, we have tried to uncover the transfer dealing that led to RM to European Glory

Alfredo Di Stefano to Real Madrid

There are two names that every Barcelona faithful hate. If one is the famous Luis Figo, the other one is Alfredo Di Stefano. The two players had either played for both teams or were rumored to join the other team in the past. In this article we shall see how the dynamics changed when Alfredo Di Stefano to Real Madrid happened in the 20th century. 

It was the move that shocked Barcelona fans to the core whereas it put Real Madrid fans in the spot of jeopardy. If someone asks who is the best ever signing of Real Madrid in their entire history, they will be searching for answers. It will be either Cristiano Ronaldo or Alfredo Di Stefano. The only difference between the players is that had Real Madrid made a delayed decision, Alfredo Di Stefano would have ended up playing for Camp Nou outfit. 

The transfer had complications but how Real Madrid outwitted Barcelona? Very few people know about it. The transfer humiliated Barcelona to the core. But what led to humiliation? In this “Alfredo Di Stefano to Real Madrid” piece, we shall dive deep and look who was at fault.

Alfredo Di Stefano to Real Madrid: Were Real Madrid brilliant or Barcelona were inefficient?

Alfredo Di Stefano to Real Madrid
A Gamechanger for Real Madrid

In one of the documents that came to the picture and was made public, it was Barcelona that made initial contacts with River Plate over signing Alfredo Di Stefano. The documents revealed that the conversation was held between River Plate, Barcelona, Real Madrid, and Millonarios de Bogota clubs over the signing of the player. 

The documents made it clear. Di Stefano was signed by Barcelona but made his official debut for Real Madrid. But how did the transfer saga pan out? We will not make it complex and you will understand the transfer complexity easier than ever. Keep reading!!

Alfredo di Stefano joined River Plate and subsequently went on to play for Bogota as well. He won the title with his side consecutively in 1947 and 1948. He joined Bogota and won four titles in the five seasons. In five seasons with Bogota, he scored 267 goals and became the second highest goal scorer of all time till date.

Seeing his absolute form in the league, Real Madrid and Barcelona set their sights on the player. Barcelona started the transfer battle. Barcelona assigned the task of getting the player to Domingo Valls Taberner. Under the FIFA rules back then, Di Stefano had to return to River Plate. After a lot of back and forth, River Plate agreed for a sum of $87,000 with certain agreements and clauses. When everything was set and he was set to be unleashed at Camp Nou, Los Blancos dropped themselves to the mix. 

Real Madrid contacted Bogota first and River Plate then. Bogota was introduced to the treasurer of Real Madrid and a deal was made. Bogota sent a telegram to River Plate stating that they have agreed to a transfer with Real Madrid.

River Plate responded saying they have reached an agreement with Barcelona. However, River Plate signed an Memorandum with Real Madrid piling pressure on Barcelona. Barcelona were asked to pay the first instalment. Ceding to the pressure, Barca paid the first instalment and the memorandum with Los Blanco was cancelled.

When it seemed everything was going in Catalans’ way, they took a wrong step by appointing Joan Busquets when Ramon Trias Fargas was handling the deal. Joan Busquets made an offer that was rejected outright by River Plate. They forgot how important a bid to Bogota was.

Alfredo Di Stefano to Real Madrid
A Gamechanger for Real Madrid

Real Madrid took the opportunity of the situation and knocked the doors of Spanish Football Federation which ruled out:

When the RFEF eventually reached its verdict in September 1953, it came to the startling compromise that Di Stefano could play for alternate clubs over the course of four years, starting with a season at Real  

Real Madrid bought the time. Along with the time, they also bought the remaining contract of the player from Bogota. Despite playing a friendly for Barcelona in his initial day of the transfer, he ended up being a Los Blancos.

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