Arsene Wenger regrets not having left Arsenal a decade earlier

Wenger served Arsenal for over over 25 years and delivered 17 domestic trophies at the North-London club

Arsene Wenger
Arsene Wenger
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French coach Arsene Wenger took over the reins of Premier League side Arsenal back in 1996 and under his guidance, the North London club had undoubtedly the most successful period in their history. Unfortunately, when he left the club almost two decades later in 2018, he could not receive a hero’s farewell. It was only fair because by then Arsenal had already lost their spot in the UEFA Champions League and their position in the Premier League was only getting worse every season.

Many blamed Arsene Wenger’s stubborn use of ‘old methods’ as the reason for Arsenal’s downfall and he finally parted ways with them in 2018. Three years later, the Frenchman has now opened up on his tenure at the North London club and expressed his regret of not leaving the club earlier.

Noah media group has made a documentary on Arsene Wenger’s life called ‘Arsene Wenger: Invincible”. It is there that the french manager talked about his experience of managing Arsenal for over 20 years.

Wenger revealed that he should have gone to a different club much earlier but couldn’t do that as he loved Arsenal very dearly. He revealed that he could have made a move to Real Madrid or Manchester United over a decade ago and he regrets not taking the leap of faith.

What Arsene Wenger said

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“Regret staying at Arsenal”: Arsene Wenger

“I identified myself completely with the club – that was the mistake I made,” Wenger said.

“My fatal flaw is I love too much where I am – where I was. I regret it. I should have gone somewhere else.

“Sometimes I wonder – was something broken after that Invincible season? 2007 was a decisive point. It was the first time I could feel there were tensions inside the board.”

“I was torn between being loyal to the club and being loyal to David [Dein]. I still today wonder if I did the right thing because life was never exactly the same after.”

Snubbing Real Madrid and Manchester United

The 72-year old said that he had received offers from both Manchester United and Arsenal when he was at his prime but he had rejected all of them.

“I could have gone to the French national team,” he added. “The English national team twice or three times even. I could have gone twice to Real Madrid. I could have gone to Juventus, Paris St Germain, even Man Utd.”

The documentary will be released on 11th November and it shall be screened at Picturehouse Cinemas in Finsbury Park and Hackney

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