“Time to make new memories”-Christian Eriksen looks all set to play football again after his cardiac arrest in Euro 2020

Christian Eriksen said," On the way to the hospital, I told my wife I may as well leave all my boots here.

Christian Eriksen
Christian Eriksen

Christian Eriksen is eagerly waiting to mark his return to the Premier League 2 years after he left England to go to Italy. The Denmark international played for Tottenham Hotspur for 7 years and was a fan favourite before he left the club to join one of Italy’s biggest clubs, Inter Milan in the January transfer window.

Eriksen won the Serie A in his first season with Inter and was selected to play for Denmark in the Euro 2020. While playing for Denmark, the 29-year-old suffered a huge scare which shocked the whole football world. Eriksen collapsed on the pitch and suffered a cardiac arrest mid-game. The medical staff rushed on the pitch to help him and he was given CPR to help him breathe.

Eriksen was ineligible to play for a number of months due to this and was fitted with an implantable cardioverter-defibrillator and has since been recovering well. Inter Milan had to release the 29-year old from his contract due to this (athletes are not allowed to play with an ICD in Italy) but Brentford have now signed Eriksen on a 6-month contract.

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Christian Eriksen on his return to England and the problems he faced in the past few months:

Christian Eriksen for Brentford
Christian Eriksen for Brentford

Christian Eriksen sat down with the Brentford media team to talk about his life after the cardiac arrest and how eager the 29-year-old is to return to the Premier League after nearly 2 years. The Denmark international is also eager to get back to playing football again after nearly 8 months.

Christian Eriksen said, “On the way to the hospital, I told my wife I may as well leave all my boots here. It changed two days later. It was in the moment. I recognized what happened to me later on that night and in the next few days. Then all the tests started and all the knowledge started to come in and all the questions were being asked,’ Can i do this?’ and listen to the doctors.”

The 29-year-old added, “There were a lot of tests to see how the heart reacted to physical training again and luckily nothing came out of that and everything was good. Then every month I had to push it then I could play. But the thing was hearing from the doctors that even with an ICD there are no limits, it just depends on diagnosis and how you feel.”

The Denmark international said, “I’ve had to be patient but I trusted my trainer and trusted my doctor and followed the plan they made and that made me comfortable and relaxed about it and about getting back to normal. But normal for me had to change.”

Eriksen added, “It is the longest I have been without playing football by far. I have been lucky that I haven’t had any injuries really. to be without football for 6 or 7 months is a very long time. You have to heal and not do anything and then I started the rehab programme.”

“Then I touched the ball and I’m on a football pitch, smell the grass, football boots, then everything starts coming back. The excitement to be in the stadium and be with the team. Condition wise and strength wise, I am in a very good place. It’s just the football touch that needs to come back and get up to speed. We will see how my body reacts but I feel very good,” said Christian Eriksen to end the interview as marks his return to the Premier League. Now with Eriksen being back, you can actually expect better from his team while participating in any kind of soccer odds.

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