Return of Cristiano Ronaldo to Manchester United after 12 years, Exclusive Interview with Stewart Gardner

Find out everything about Ronaldo's exclusive interview with Manchester United.

Cristiano Ronaldo's exclusive interview with Manchester United

Cristiano Ronaldo has made his return back to Manchester United after 12 years. He has achieved a lot in this time span but the Portuguese striker considers the time in Manchester United to be one of the best as those were the years which taught him and build him to what he is now.

After his return to Manchester United, the club finally revealed the photos of Cristiano Ronaldo in the Jersey on Wednesday. This was a long awaited moment for all the fans and a nostalgia for the United fans. Cristiano Ronaldo’s first interview with Manchester United was also posted on social media.

Stewart Gardner interviewed Cristiano Ronaldo and asked him the most wanted questions which the fans were looking forward to. From how does he feel after rejoining Manchester United to what message does Ronaldo have for the fans, Gardner asked everything.

Cristiano Ronaldo answer to Stewart Gardner’s question

When asked about how he feels after rejoining Manchester United, Ronaldo said, “Well, as you know, I have a fantastic history with this amazing club. I was there at 18 years old and of course I’m so happy to be back home after 12 years. So I’m really glad and looking forward to start my first game.”

Sir Alex Ferguson as we all know played a major role in signing Ronaldo to Manchester United, he is a mentor and a father like figure for the Portuguese. Ronaldo said, “As everybody knows, since I signed for Manchester [United] at 18, Sir Alex Ferguson was the key.

“He helped me a lot, he taught me many things, and in my opinion of course he had a big role because the relationship that we had, we keep in touch all the time, and he’s an unbelievable person. I really like him a lot and he was the main key for me to be in the position that I am, that I signed for Manchester United.”

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