Euro 2020 Schedule: Fixtures, Date, Time, Venue and Prediction

Find out the full EURO 2020 schedule along with the respective match timings and venues of all the matches.

EURO 2020

The 16th edition European Championships are all set to be played this year in 2021. Initially as the name suggests Euro 2020 was going to be played in 2020, but the Covid-19 pandemic made UEFA postpone the tournament by a year to 2021.

A total of 24 teams who have been divided into 6 groups will battle among themselves to emerge continental champions of Europe on July 12th when the competition ends. Each team has had to come through a rigorous qualification campaign to finally play in the main event, the Euro 2020.

The Teams into the 6 Groups on the basis of their qualification performance. From each group the Top 2 teams will qualify into the Round of 16. Four best 3rd placed teams will also qualify for the knockouts of the 6 groups alongside the Top 2.

The Group division and the Euro 2020 schedule is given below-

GROUP-WISE EURO 2020 Schedule


Group A: Turkey, Italy, Wales, Switzerland

1Italy vs TurkeyRomeJune 1121:00
2Wales vs SwitzerlandBakuJune 1115:00
14Turkey vs WalesBakuJune 1618:00
15Italy vs SwitzerlandRomeJune 1621:00
25Italy vs WalesRome June 2018:00
26Switzerland vs TurkeyBakuJune 2018:00
Group B
Group B

Group B: Denmark, Finland, Belgium, Russia

3Denmark vs FinlandCopenhagenJune 1118:00
4Belgium vs RussiaSt. PetersburgJune 1218:00
13Finland vs Russia St. PetersburgJune 1715:00
17Denmark vs BelgiumCopenhagenJune 1718:00
29Russia vs DenmarkCopenhagenJune 2121:00
30Finland vs Belgium St. PetersburgJune 2121:00
Group C EURO 2020 schedule
Group C of the EURO 2020

Group C: Netherlands, Ukraine, Austria, North Macedonia

6Austria vs North MacedoniaBucharestJune 1318:00
7Netherlands vs UkraineAmsterdamJune 1321:00
16Ukraine vs North MacedoniaBucharestJune 1715:00
18Netherlands vs AustriaAmsterdamJune 1721:00
27North Macedonia vs NetherlandsAmsterdamJune 2118:00
28Ukraine vs AustriaBucharestJune 2118:00
Group-D for EURO 2020
Group-D for the EURO 2020

Group D: England, Croatia, Scotland, Czech Republic

5England vs CroatiaWembleyJune 1315:00
8Scotland vs Czech RepublicGlasgowJune 1415:00
20Croatia vs Czech RepublicGlasgowJune 1818:00
21England vs ScotlandWembleyJune 1821:00
31Croatia vs ScotlandGlasgowJune 2221:00
32Czech Republic vs EnglandWembleyJune 2221:00
Group E
Group E for the EURO 2020

Group E: Spain, Sweden, Poland, Slovakia

9Poland vs SlovakiaSt. PetersburgJune 1418:00
10Spain vs SwedenSevilleJune 1421:00
19Sweden vs SlovakiaSt. PetersburgJune 1815:00
24Spain vs PolandSevilleJune 1921:00
33Slovakia vs SpainSevilleJune 2318:00
34Sweden vs PolandSt. PetersburgJune 2318:00

Group F: Hungary, Portugal, France, Germany

11Hungary vs PortugalBudapestJune 1518:00
12France vs GermanyMunichJune 1521:00
22Hungary vs FranceBudapestJune 1915:00
23Portugal vs GermanyMunichJune 1918:00
35Portugal vs FranceBudapestJune 2321:00
36Germany vs HungaryMunichJune 2321:00



Saturday, June 26

Match 37: Winner Group A vs Runner-up Group C (Wembley) 21:00 CET;

Match 38: Runner-up Group A vs Runner-up Group B (Amsterdam) 18:00 CET;

Sunday, June 27

Match 39: Winner Group B vs 3rd Group A/D/E/F (Seville) 21:00 CET

Match 40: Winner Group C vs 3rd Group D/E/F (Budapest) 18:00 CET

Monday, June 28

Match 41: Winner Group F vs 3rd Group A/B/C (Bucharest) 21:00 CET

Match 42: Runner-up Group D vs Runner-up Group E (Copenhagen) 18:00 CET

Tuesday, June 29

Match 43: Winner Group E vs 3rd Group A/B/C/D (Glasgow) 21:00 CET

Match 44: Winner Group D vs Runner-up Group F (Wembley) 18:00 CET


Friday, July 2

Match 45: Winner of Match 41 vs Winner of Match 42 (Saint Petersburg) 21:00 CET

Match 46: Winner of Match 37 vs Winner of Match 39 (Munich) 21:00 CET

Saturday, July 3

Match 47: Winner of Match 40 vs Winner of Match 38 (Baku) 18:00 CET

Match 48: Winner of Match 43 vs Winner of Match 44 (Rome) 21:00 CET


Tuesday, July 6

Winner of Match 46 vs Winner of Match 45 (Wembley) 21:00 CET

Wednesday, July 7

Winner of Match 47 vs Winner of Match 48 (Wembley) 21:00 CET


Sunday, July 11 (Wembley) 21:00 CET


Predicting results for a tournament of this magnitude is never easy, as upsets are bound to happen and on a given day any of the relatively weak teams can defeat the so called bigger boys of Europe. However, we are predicting that the might of France, Portugal England and Belgium would be enough for them to qualify for the semi-finals this year. Having said, that we sincerely hope an upset story comes our way throughout the course of the competition and – “MAY THE BEST TEAM WIN.”