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Former Chelsea captain John Terry says THIS player is the best in his position in football right now

The 5 times Premier League champions recently joined Twitter and he is quite actively posting his thoughts on the game

Chelsea legend John Terry has finally joined Twitter and the former Aston Villa and Chelsea captain is already going viral on the social media platform. He has gained over 140k followers within one day and his account is growing like crazy. He has so far used his account to share his takes on popular football topics and he is also interacting with his fans pretty frequently. However, a particular tweet that he posted today has divided his fans into opinions.

West Ham United registered an astonishing victory against Liverpool last night in a thrilling match that ended 3-2 in favour of the Hammers. Their star defensive midfielder Declan Rice posted a picture of him and teammate Tomas Soucek, with the caption: “Tommy boyyyyyy! What a win, lets gooooo”. It was then that John Terry retweeted the midfielder’s tweet and opined that the 22-year old is the best in his position right now. He wrote, “Decland Rice is the best in his position in world football. What a player”

Quite a reasonable claim given Declan Rice is already one of most important players both in the national team and in his club but it did not go down well with many fans which could very well be understood by the replies on his tweet. However, many of the replies were positive as well. Those were mostly the Chelsea fans who wish to see Rice playing for them.

Let us first have a look at how Twitter reacted to John Terry’s tweet.

Twitter Reactions

The Chelsea Connection

John Terry’s affection towards Declan Rice could also be an effect of his Chelsea links though. Afterall Terry is one of the best Captains Chelsea ever had and Declan Rice is a product of Chelsea’s youth academy. It was only in 2013, at a ripe age of 14 that the defensive midfielder was transferred to West Ham United.

However, the Blues have recently shown interest in getting Declan Rice back after his superb performance at West Ham in the recents years. So John Terry’s fondness towards the english player might be a bit partial after-all.

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