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LATEST! “Harry Kane is the best centre-forward in the world at the moment”-Teddy Sheringham reveals why Harry Kane is a better number 9 than Cristiano Ronaldo

"Harry Kane is the best centre forward in the world at the moment" says Teddy Sheringham in a controversial take.

Harry Kane and Cristiano Ronaldo

Teddy Sheringham was asked to speak about Harry Kane and Cristiano Ronaldo and the former England international has finally given his verdict, regarding their style of play and who he would’ve liked to play alongside.

While both the players are definitely world-class, Sheringham certainly prefers taking Kane right now instead of Ronaldo. Kane has not performed well this season and has scored just 1 goal in the Premier League this season.

On the other hand, Ronaldo has been saving Manchester United on a weekly basis by scoring important goals in the league as well as the UEFA Champions League. The Portuguese has already scored 7 league goals this season since returning to the club.

Harry Kane and Cristiano Ronaldo’s season review:

Harry Kane and Cristiano Ronaldo

Harry Kane has not had the best of starts to the season for Tottenham Hotspur. The England captain has scored has 1 goal in the Premier League in 13 appearances and it does not seem like he will start scoring any time soon.

Kane has lost confidence in front of goal following his summer transfer debacle and his failed move to Manchester City. The 28 year old looks out of touch and his world-class finishing ability is just not there to be seen. His side sit 7th on the table but have two games in hand following the postponement of games due to bad weather and a Covid outbreak.

On the other hand, Ronaldo is proving to be an important player for Manchester United this season and is their top scorer in all competitions. The Portuguese international has already scored 13 goals for the season and won games for his club in crucial times. Manchester United currently sit 5th in the Premier League.

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Sheringham on Harry Kane and why he thinks Kane is the best centre-forward:

Harry Kane

Teddy Sheringham was first asked about Harry Kane’s recent performances and criticism to which the former England international replied,” Kane has been getting a lot of criticism and rightly so I suppose, you take the acclaim when you’re playing really well and scoring goals, he hasn’t been doing that this season.”

However, Sheringham was quite impressed with Kane during the Leeds United vs Spurs game. The former England international said,” It wasn’t good in the first half and even when it wasn’t good, Harry was still very professional in his manner, the way he led the line, it was obvious things weren’t going right at the time for him but he just played how it needed to be played and led by example in that game.”

Teddy Sheringham also hinted that Harry Kane might not be in form right now but the former England international feels that Kane is still one of the best players in the league and in Europe.

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Sheringham comparing Harry Kane and Cristiano Ronaldo:

Cristiano Ronaldo and Harry Kane

Sheringham was asked who he thought is better suited for the centre-forward role. The former England international gave his verdict and said,” I wouldn’t really put Kane and Ronaldo in the same position.”

Sheringham added,” I know Ronaldo has ended up as a centre-forward but for me, he is not really a centre forward. He’s a wide boy, maybe a number 10 at a push but he’s definitely not a centre forward.”

The former England international also said,” Ronaldo scores goals like a centre forward at times, where he scores his headers that you just think ‘wow, what a great header!’, standing jump and power it back where it’s come from, but when you think of centre forwards, I talk about Lukaku, Benzema, Kane, people that play the centre forward role.”

When asked about the style of Kane and Ronaldo’s play, the former England international said,” Ronaldo couldn’t be a centre forward the way Harry Kane plays it, because he doesn’t like playing with his back to goal.”

Sheringham also added,” Ronaldo is the one that wants to run onto things and see things in front of him whereas Harry can play the game with his back to the goal, front to goal. They’re just two completely different number nines.”