Top- 5 Highest Earning Stars on Social Media in Premier League 2021/22

How much do the famous footballers from the Premier League earn from their posts on Instagram? Read on, to find out more and on who earns the most money among them.

Highest Earning Stars on Social Media in Premier League

The English Premier League is one of the most competitive leagues in the world of football. The competitive nature of the Premier League is what sets it apart from the other football competitions in Europe, which is mostly due to the financial strength of the clubs competing.

In the recent summer transfer window, Cristiano Ronaldo made a return to the English shores to rejoin his former club Manchester United to add further sheen to the highly marketable league in Europe. Speaking of the marketable players in the league, we take a look at the highest earning stars on social media in Premier League.

Highest Earning Stars on Social Media in Premier League

#5. Raphael Varane- Manchester United

Raphael Varane - FirstSportz
Raphael Varane

Manchester United’s new summer signing, from Real Madrid, has been an instant hit among the club and has slotted perfectly for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side providing them the much-needed defensive solidity that they lacked in the previous seasons. The defender is also among one of the highest earners through his official Instagram account and earns about £73,530 per sponsored post he puts out on his account.

His earnings through Instagram alone can earn about close to £900k annually if the French defender shares one sponsored post each month.

#4. Thiago Silva- Chelsea

Thiago Silva - FirstSportz
Thiago Silva

Chelsea’s veteran defender features in the list of highest earning players from their social media accounts. The Brazilian defender, who joined the club on a free transfer was one of the main reasons for their Champions League success last year. He boasts of a following of 18.1 million on his official Instagram account and earns about £77,400 per post.

At 37-years of age, he signed a contract extension of a year at Chelsea this year and he will look to continue to deliver to the best of his abilities and win trophies this season as well.

#3. Mohammed Salah- Liverpool

Mohammed Salah - FirstSportz
Mohammed Salah

The Egyptian king, Mohammed Salah is a huge fan-favorite and is also one of the best players currently in the world. Salah enjoys a 44.2 million fanbase on his Instagram account, which also means he earns a big chunk of his income from his posts on the social networking site. He earns £189,200 per post of his, apart from his wages while playing for Liverpool.

The 29-year old striker has already won the Golden Boot twice during his time at Liverpool and was a key figure in the Reds’ Premier League and Champions League-winning side.

#2. Paul Pogba- Manchester United

Paul Pogba - FirstSportz
Paul Pogba

Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba is the second-highest earner on social media in the Premier League and is the second player from his club to feature in the list. The French midfielder who is in his final year of contract enjoys a following of 48.8 million on Instagram earns about £208,120 per post. This adds to his weekly salary of £290,000 from Manchester United.

#1. Cristiano Ronaldo- Manchester United

Cristiano Ronaldo - FirstSportz
Cristiano Ronaldo

It is no surprise that Cristiano Ronaldo tops the charts when it comes to earning from his social media accounts. The worldwide sensation has returned to the Premier League this year and brings with him a huge amount of following with him. The Portuguese striker is the most followed personality on Instagram, having a whopping 353 million followers on the social media site, and earns an enormous amount of £1,505,000 per sponsored post he shares.

He is also the highest-paid player in the Premier League and earns about £385,000 per week at his new club. This amount is almost 1/4th of the amount he earns after sharing a sponsored post on Instagram.

List of highest earning players on Social Media in the Premier League

Sl No.PlayerInstagram FollowersClubEarning per Post
1.Cristiano Ronaldo353 millionManchester United£1,505,000
2.Paul Pogba48.8 million Manchester United £208,120
3.Mohammed Salah44.2 millionLiverpool£189,200
4.Thiago Silva18.1 millionChelsea£77,400
5.Raphael Varane17.2 millionManchester United £73,530
6.Gabriel Jesus15.5 millionManchester City£66,220
7.Kevin De Bruyne15 millionManchester City£64,070
8.Roberto Firmino13 millionLiverpool £55,900
9.N’Golo Kante12 millionChelsea £51,170
10.Marcus Rashford11.9 million Manchester United£50,740
*Follower Count as of 07th October

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