How many goals has Cristiano Ronaldo scored in major international tournaments?

Let us take a look at the international goals scored by Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo with Euro 2016
Ronaldo with Euro 2016

Cristiano Ronaldo, the name that is more of a brand in itself is arguably the greatest player the world has seen along with Lionel Messi. His exploits with his clubs, Manchester United, Real Madrid and Juventus are known to and appreciated by everyone. But along with being a club football legend his achievements with with National team Portugal is also second to none. Let us take a look back at the international journey of Cristiano Ronaldo as the maestro becomes the highest international goal scorer in the world with 109 international goals for Portugal.

Ronaldo and his achievements with Portugal.

Cristiano Ronaldo debuted for his National team in 2003 at a tender age of 18 at a match vs Kazakhstan, being subbed on in after the half time in place of Luis Figo which their country won 2-1. He subsequently got a call up for Portugal in 2004 Euro held in his home country and scored his first international goal in 2-1 loss to eventual winners Greece. Portugal reached the final of the campaign with Ronaldo having provided two goals and two assists for his national side, but unfortunately the Greeks lifted the Euro trophy that tournament.

Cristiano Ronaldo Euro 2020
Cristiano Ronaldo

Quickly he became a senior team player for Portugal and became the second highest goal scorer in qualifying group scoring 7 goals on their way to 2006 World Cup. 2006 World Cup also saw him get his first world cup goal vs Iran, Soon after he was named the captain of Portugal and there was looking back from that point. At the age of 22 Cristiano took the armband of Portugal and then led his country towards pride and success.

3 Records Cristiano Ronaldo could break in Euro 2020
Euro 2016 Heroics

After scoring numerous goals in qualifying stages as well as tournaments like World cup and Euro, his moment of ultimate achievement arrived in 2016 Euro where he led Portugal to their first ever European Trophy with heroic performances but unfortunately missing out on the final match midway with an injury. He was already the most capped player in his nation and an all time top scorer for Portugal. 2019 saw him win the UEFA Nations League with Portugal and in 2020 he got his 100th goal vs Sweden. In Euro 2020 Ronaldo finally equalized all time top scorer Ali Daei’s record with 109 international goals.

Though Portugal unfortunately was eliminated in round of 16 by Belgium, Ronaldo even at the age of 36 stands with the most goal in the competition till now with 5 goals.

Goals Scored by Cristiano Ronaldo against various opponents

Opponents Scored against
23px Flag of Lithuania.svg - FirstSportz Lithuania7
23px Flag of Sweden.svg - FirstSportz Sweden7
22px Flag of Andorra.svg - FirstSportz Andorra6
23px Flag of Hungary.svg - FirstSportz Hungary6
23px - FirstSportz Luxembourg6
23px Flag of Armenia.svg - FirstSportz Armenia5
23px Flag of Latvia.svg - FirstSportz Latvia5
23px Flag of Estonia.svg - FirstSportz Estonia4
21px Flag of the Faroe Islands.svg - FirstSportz Faroe Islands4
23px Flag of the Netherlands.svg - FirstSportz Netherlands4
23px Flag of Belgium %28civil%29.svg - FirstSportz Belgium3
20px Flag of Denmark.svg - FirstSportz Denmark3
23px Flag of Northern Ireland %281953%E2%80%931972%29.svg - FirstSportz Northern Ireland3
23px Flag of Russia.svg - FirstSportz Russia3
23px Flag of Spain.svg - FirstSportz Spain3
16px Flag of Switzerland.svg - FirstSportz  Switzerland3
23px Flag of Azerbaijan.svg - FirstSportz Azerbaijan2
23px Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina.svg - FirstSportz Bosnia and Herzegovina2
23px Flag of Cameroon.svg - FirstSportz Cameroon2
23px Flag of Cyprus.svg - FirstSportz Cyprus2
23px Flag of the Czech Republic.svg - FirstSportz Czech Republic2
23px Flag of Egypt.svg - FirstSportz Egypt2
23px Flag of France.svg - FirstSportz France2
23px Flag of Kazakhstan.svg - FirstSportz Kazakhstan2
23px Flag of Saudi Arabia.svg - FirstSportz Saudi Arabia2
23px Flag of Argentina.svg - FirstSportz Argentina1
23px Flag of Croatia.svg - FirstSportz Croatia1
23px Flag of Ecuador.svg - FirstSportz Ecuador1
23px Flag of Finland.svg - FirstSportz Finland1
23px Flag of Germany.svg - FirstSportz Germany1
23px Flag of Ghana.svg - FirstSportz Ghana1
23px Flag of Greece.svg - FirstSportz Greece1
21px Flag of Iceland.svg - FirstSportz Iceland1
23px Flag of Iran.svg - FirstSportz Iran1
21px Flag of Israel.svg - FirstSportz Israel1
23px Flag of Morocco.svg - FirstSportz Morocco1
23px Flag of New Zealand.svg - FirstSportz New Zealand1
23px Flag of North Korea.svg - FirstSportz North Korea1
23px Flag of Panama.svg - FirstSportz Panama1
23px Flag of Poland.svg - FirstSportz Poland1
23px Flag of Serbia.svg - FirstSportz Serbia1
23px Flag of Slovakia.svg - FirstSportz Slovakia1
23px Flag of Ukraine.svg - FirstSportz Ukraine1
23px Flag of Wales %281959%E2%80%93present%29.svg - FirstSportz Wales1

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