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“I was angry with Piqué”: Carlo Ancelotti talks about his heated argument with Gerard Pique during the El Clasico

Carlo Ancelotti says he was very angry when FC Barcelona kept on playing even when Vinicius Jr was down and he had a tussle with Gerard Pique on this topic.

The Supercopa de España Semifinal clash between arch rivals Real Madrid and FC Barcelona ended in a thrilling 3-2 win for the Los Blancos. This was their 5th consecutive win over the Blaugrana which very well depicts how much FC Barcelona has fallen down in the past few years. 

However they are surely making a comeback under head coach Xavi Hernandez hich was clear by their fabulous performance in the El Clasico last night. Many are also of the opinion that FC Barcelona were the rightful winners as they dominated the Los Blancos in every aspect of the game. 

What FC Barcelona was unable to do, however, was to contain the lethal counter attacks of Carlo Ancelotti’s men. Real Madrid being the Counter attacking kings as they have always been, they very well exploited this weakness of the opponents. Before the match Toni Kroos had argued that Real have the ability to adapt to anything their opposition puts forward and that was exactly what they did. 

It is not unknown that El Clasico is always an intense fixture as the rivalry between these two sides goes back way long. It is thus understandable that the FC Barcelona players were frustrated when they were being exploited by Real Madrid in the counters and they made a few harsh tackles. It was then that the trash talks started to begin and the match intensified giving us the vintage EL Clasico vibes. 

Carlo Ancelotti’s heated argument with Gerard Pique

Carlo Ancelotti

In the second half, there was a moment when Vinicius Junior was down and Barca still kept on playing despite the Madrid players yelling to stop the game. Among the protestants was Real Madrid head coach Carlo Ancelotti who even had an argument with FC Barcelona defender Gerard Pique regarding the incident. He asked him why they did not kick out the ball. 

Carlo Ancelotti said in the post match conference, “I was angry with him. I told him he should have kicked it out like we did once in the first half. He told me that they never kick the ball out in such situations and I said ‘sorry’ and that I didn’t know that. That’s respectable, if they want to keep playing and not put the ball out. I just didn’t know that.”

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