Indian Super League: Revisiting all the season award winners from ISL 2020-21

Let's take a look at the winners of all the awards in the Indian Super League 2020/21 season.

Indian Super League: Revisiting all the season award winners from ISL 2020-21

The Indian Super League 2020/21 season has given us some exciting actions on the field as eleven team battled out for that one trophy in the seventh edition of the competition. Mumbai City seemed to have dominated the competition in the previous as they went on to bag both the league shield and the ISL trophy in their name.

Mumbai City qualified with to the playoffs as they finished top in the group stage with 12 wins, 4 losses and 4 draws in their name, and continued to knock down the might ATK Mohun Bagan 2-1 to win their first ever ISL Trophy. There are other awards which are also given to certain players in the competition, so let’s take a look as how the top 4 teams dominated these spots.

Hero of the League – Roy Krishna

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Roy Krishna

As the name suggests, the Hero of the League is presented to the man of the tournament of the Hero Indian Super League in a particular edition. ATK Mohun Bagan’s premier striker Roy Krishna bagged the hero of the League award in 2020/21 for his exhilarating performances for the Bengal based club. The Fijian striker not only had an impressive tally of 14 goals but also provided 8 assists, propelling ATK Mohun Bagan to the finals of the Indian Super League.

Golden Boot – Igor Angulo

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Igor Angulo

The Golden Boot is awarded to the player with the most goals at the end of each season in the Indian Super League. FC Goa’s Igor Angulo won the award in 2020/21 courtesy of his 14 goals in 21 appearances. Although he was tied with ATK Mohun Bagan’s Roy Krishna, with both of them scoring 14 goals, the Spaniard snatched the award courtesy of his better goal per minute ratio as compared to his compatriot.

Angulo scored 13 times in the league campaign, and also scored a penalty in the first leg of the semi-finals against Mumbai City, but even his best efforts were not enough for his side to reach the finals of the ISL last year.

Golden Glove – Arindam Bhattacharya

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Arindam Bhattacharya

ATK Mohun Bagan’s Arindam Bhattacharya claimed the Golden Glove in 2020/21, which is awarded to the best goalkeeper in the league. Standing firm at the back for his side, Arindam Bhattacharya conceded only 15 goals in the entire league campaign, and a further 4 in the play-off stages to end up with the least goals conceded record alongside Mumbai city FC Amrinder Singh. However, Arindam won the award, because of the higher minutes per goal ratio.

DHL Winning Pass of the League – Alberto Noguera

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Alberto Noguera

The DHL Winning Pass of the league is awarded to the player with the most number of assists at the end of the Indian Super League season. Alberto Noguera, the FC Goa midfielder pocketed the award for providing 8 assists throughout the season. The Spanish midfielder was a vital cog in the FC Goa lineup throughout the season and helped the Gaurs finish fourth in the league campaign. He edged out close competition from the Hero of the League, Roy Krishna, who also had 8 assists to his name. However, a lower minute per assist ratio saw him eventually keep the award.

ISL Emerging Player of the League – Lalengmawia

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Lalengmawia Ralte

Lalengmawia, the NorthEast United youngster was adjudged to be the best upcoming talent of the Indian Super League 2020/21 season. The 20-year old played in all of the 22 matches for the Highlanders and scored a single goal from his deep-lying midfield position for both the managers, Gerard Nus and Khalid Jamil. He stood there like a rock in the middle of the park and made 93 tackles and 46 interceptions lifting NorthEast to a semi-final finish.

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