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Is the European Super League back? What are the changes this time?

Are we heading towards a new European club tournament?

The European Super League has once again started to pile on the pressure on UEFA with talks of reviving the concept even though fans across Europe, especially the UK, roundly snubbed the initial approach.

According to La Liga president Javier Tebas, there is now a renewed plan, one which was mustered up in Andrea Agnelli’s home last week regarding the European Super League. Following the unrest among fans, the six Premier League clubs which had initially agreed to the idea of the European Super League backed off the idea and apologised to the fans for the choice they made. However, the three major teams which did not take a step backwards away from the new tournament are Spanish clubs FC Barcelona and Real Madrid and Italian giant Juventus and reportedly, they are now heavily applied in the creation of a rejuvenated proposal, intended to allay the concerns of fans.

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UEFA’s Super League warning towards the European Super League

Is the European Super League back? What are the changes this time? 2

UEFA chief Aleksander Ceferin said Thursday he was sick of talking about a breakaway European Super League, accusing club chiefs still committed to the idea of living in a “parallel world”.

Ceferin, addressing the Financial Times Business of Football Summit in London via video conference, said he was “sick and tired” of speaking about the Super League.

“Look, first they launched this nonsense of an idea in the middle of a pandemic,” he said, speaking from the European governing body’s headquarters in Switzerland.

“Now we are reading articles every day they are planning to launch another idea in the middle of war (in Ukraine). They obviously live in a parallel world.

While we are saving players, together with other stakeholders, and work to help in a terrible situation, they work on a project like that.”

He added: “This is complete nonsense and everyone except them knows it.”

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