Shocking! “Manchester United players threw Ole under the bus”- Roy Keane going heavy on the Man United players saying they have no character

Shocking! “Manchester United players threw Ole under the bus”- Roy Keane going heavy on the Man United players saying they have no character

Manchester United’s 4-1 defeat against Watford was the last straw for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer as he was sacked just hours after the game. The poor run of form saw them win only 1 of their last 5 Premier League matches. Therefore, leaving the team 12 points off the top of the table. Fans did not hold back as they booed the manager and the team off the ground after the game with some fans even asking for the players to be removed. Manchester United sit in 8th place in the Premier League table.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

Roy Keane goes in on the players:

While the fans blamed the manager for the defeats, Roy Keane had a different view stating that the United players were equally responsible for Ole’s sacking. The former United captain said,” Man United players stopped running in the last couple of months and stopped caring”. The Irishman also said,” The players did not take any responsibility”.

Some fans and pundits argued that the Manchester United players cared for the manager For instance, Bruno Fernandes went to the away end to defend the Norwegian manager who was getting booed by the fans. However, in reply to that Roy Keane said,” It was too late to defend Ole and the damage was done”.

Roy Keane did not hold back at all as he then went on to say,” The players don’t run, don’t sprint and they don’t work as a team”. The League winner continued by saying,” The players work as individuals and are depending on their talent”.

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“The players don’t work hard enough”- Roy Keane

Manchester united
Manchester United players

Roy Keane agreed Ole was also at fault but he also added,” The players don’t look like good lads in terms of hard-work, leadership and having the winning mentality”. The Irishman compared the players to robots because of how they were conducting themselves in the interviews. For instance, the players reacted in a passive way after their defeat to rivals Manchester City saying they will work hard instead of taking the blame.

Seeing those interviews, Roy Keane was stated saying,” Maybe Ole was too friendly with the players and they threw him under the bus”. The fans agreed with most of the things that Roy Keane said but some were still baffled with how harsh he was being.

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Fans’ reaction to what Keane said:

There was a mixed reaction from the fans as they heard what Roy Keane was saying. Some fans agreed with what the Irishman said. For Instance, one fan commented, “Roy Keane had said these players will throw Ole under the bus like they did with Mourinho. Roy knew all along what would happen and it happened”.

While there were some other fans who did not agree with Keane. For instance, one fan sarcastically commented,” If Roy knows how these players are then maybe he should apply for the United job”.

There were a few fans who also did not like Roy defending the Norwegian manager. For instance, one fan was quoted saying,” Ole was just too nice and not a good enough manager. That’s why he got Cardiff City relegated too. Roy Keane should forget friendship with Ole for once and be fair”.

Roy Keane has had an up-down relationship with the fans recently but his honest interview after the Chelsea game resonated with many United fans. Some fans were happy to see him using his status to call out players while other fans were not so happy that the Irishman was being so direct.

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