Mark Clattenberg talks about his feud with Jose Mourinho which led him to quit as referee

Mark Clattenberg has finally revealed in his Autobiography that what made him quit referring in the Premier League in 2017.

Mark Clattenberg's feud with Jose Mourinho

Mark Clattenberg was a referee in the English Premier until 2017, when he suddenly decided to quit as referee mid-season and went on to become the Head of Referring in the Saudi Arabian Football Association to replace Howard Webb.

Recently Mark Clattenberg has revealed that why he so suddenly decided to quit referring in the English Premier League. In 21st January 2017, Manchester United went head to head against Stoke City in the Premier League, Mark Clattenberg was referring the match and blew the final whistle ending the game in a 1-1 draw.

In that match the former English striker Wayne Rooney came to Manchester United’s rescue at the 94th minute to equalise the match from a free-kick and at the same time surpassed Sir Bobby Charlton to score his 250th goal for Manchester United.

Mark Clattenberg’s fight with Jose Mourinho in the Locker Room

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Mark Clattenberg talks about his feud with Jose Mourinho which led him to quit as referee 2

Jose Mourinho was not happy with certain decision of Mark Clattenberg in that match and so he went to see Mark after the match where he evidently tried to justify that he did not give a clear hand ball in the box.

“He started going on about a handball in the penalty area by Stoke defender Ryan Shawcross,” Mark Clattenberg’s words in his Autobiography.

Jose Mourinho going on and on about the hand ball made Mark Clattenberg lose his cool as he knew the decision which he gave on the field was the right decision and nothing and no one could have changed it.

“I picked up my boot and launched it against the wall next to him. ‘F*** get out of my dressing room. Get out!’ Mourinho froze. I lost it with him. I did not give a s any more,” Mark Clattenberg’s Autobiography as published on daily mail read.

This was the match where Mark Clattenberg decided that he will be quitting referring as he had enough in his lifetime to deal with people like Mourinho.

“I drove home while going over and over the Shawcross incident. I watched it on Match of the Day, and I was right, the ball hit him flush on the chest. So why was Mourinho playing funny buggers with me’ I went to bed that night, and I knew I’d had enough. ‘You know what,’ I thought, ‘I can’t be bothered with idiots like that anymore.'”

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