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All you need to know about Gerard Pique and Shakira’s net worth as the couple separate

Take a look at Gerard Pique and Shakira's massive net worth as they separate after 11 years.

Shakira , Gerard Pique

Shakira, the 45-year-old pop diva, and Gerard Pique, the 35-year-old Barcelona defender, have broken up. In a statement released on Saturday, Shakira’s publicist broke the news of their breakup on June 6th. 

“We are sorry to announce that we are separating. For the well-being of our children, who are our highest priority, we ask that you respect our privacy. Thank you for your understanding.”

Pique has not yet commented on the split or refuted the claims of his infidelity. Pique’s split from Shakira has occupied Spanish news headlines in recent months, and the press is now reporting specifics of their joint net worth.

But how much money do they both have in total, how long have they been married, and do they have kids? Here is all the information you require.

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The staggering net worth of Shakira and Gerard Pique:

gerard Pique and Shakira

Shakira has a staggering net worth of $300 million, claims Celebrity Net Worth. According to reports, her ex-boyfriend Gerard Pique is worth $80 million.

Since they are not married, their individual fortunes should endure their breakup.

In preparation for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, Pique met Shakira while working out in Madrid.

The Barcelona center-back discussed the reasons he and Shakira never got married on The Overlap. He said: 

“No, I’m not married, he declared. She has that mindset. I enjoy where we are at this moment. Currently, we have two children, ages nine and seven. We get along well as a pair.”

During a 2020 interview, Shakira shared her reasoning for not getting married.

“I don’t want to come across as the wife to him. She stated on 60 Minutes, ” I’d like for him to regard me as his girlfriend. His girlfriend, his lover. You know, it’s kind of like a little forbidden fruit.”

Milan, age 9, and Sasha, age 7, are the two children that Shakira and Pique have.

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