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BREAKING: Ukraine to join Spain and Portugal’s bid to get hosting rights for 2030 FIFA World Cup

Ukraine might be joining Spain and Portugal for the 2022 FIFA World Cup bid for the host.

After much destruction and war situations with Russia, Ukraine is all set now to host the prestigious FIFA World Cup 2022 and is ready to bid along with strong contenders like Portugal and Spain, who are proper football-playing nations. The 2030 World Cup would be a treat to watch with new players and new generations.


With the legends retiring after this year’s World Cup, it makes it even more special, and being able to play in such an auspicious event is a lifetime opportunity for any player could imagine. After the disastrous time that Ukraine has faced amidst a war with Russia, it could be redeeming itself from the plight.

The race would not be short or easy to win, as nations like Portugal and Spain are there to pull you down, but even if somehow the country bags the rights to become the host of the 2030 World Cup, it would be a whole cycle completed and something to learn from the weaker countries to get back up.


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Spanish stadiums are ready for the FIFA World Cup 2022

Santiago Bernabeu

One of the biggest football stadiums in the world at the moment, Real Madrid’s Santiago Bernabeu is almost certain of hosting the FIFA World Cup 2030 if only Spain and Portugal could bag rights. The FIFA World Cup is a stage that everyone wants to be at, several Spanish stadiums have followed up with their names for the venue.

The big stadiums are undergoing renovation as of now and reportedly could possibly turn out to become the biggest stadium that there will be. The hosting part is almost certain as the clubs ready to pin their games are big, Atletico Madrid and Barcelona have also joined the hood. If Spain could bag the rights it would be an easy task.

The club’s history and reputation among Football watching people are humongous, and the stadium is regarded accordingly, the atmosphere that it provides and the passion for the game the country has, it shall be a no-brainer, to grant them as the host of the future FIFA World Cup.

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