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“Cry More”- Tottenham’s Richarlison responds to F1 pundits criticizing his football skills in match against Nottingham Forest

After engaging in showboating against Nottingham Forest, Richarlison received criticism.

Richarlison and Hamann

Richarlison, a forward for Tottenham, received harsh criticism for doing keepy-uppies during Sunday’s 2-0 victory over Nottingham Forest.


The former Everton player, though, was far from contrite after giving himself a full day to think about what had happened. Dietmar Hamann, a former Germany midfielder, was one of his critics. Hamann said on Twitter that Richarlison should have received a “book for unsportsmanlike conduct and the game restarted with free kick to Forest” for his decision to juggle with the ball in the 85th minute of Sunday’s match.

Richarlison told Hamann to “cry more” in response to his remark on Monday, revelling in the response he had caused. Brennan Johnson, a forward for Forest, had become upset due to Richarlison’s showboating during the game.


Referee Craig Pawson issued Johnson a warning for forcefully swiping at the Brazilian’s legs after his exhibition of juggling had ended. When commentating on Sunday’s game for Sky Sports, former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher exclaimed, “Woah! It does wind people up. You can’t do that. But what is he doing?

He just winds people up that lad, Richarlison. He winds me up. What do you expect Johnson to do? You’re not condoning that but…”

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Previous criticisms of Richarlison


Carragher has previously criticised Richarlison’s apparent propensity of inflating his injuries, and this wasn’t the first time he had done so in public.

In May of this year, Richarlison responded to Carragher with a stern tweet. After helping his former club avoid relegation, Richarlison wrote: “@Carra23 wash your mouth before you talk about me and Everton and I don’t respect you”. However, when Carragher and Richarlison hugged one another on the field following Sunday’s game, it did seem as like they had a fair amount of respect for one another.

That was, maybe, before Richarlison learned about Carragher’s most recent complaint. Richarlison tagged Carragher in a tweet on Monday that included a clip of his contentious keepy-uppies and the eyes emoji.

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