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Fans slam Manchester United legend David Beckham’s wife over her daughter wearing an ‘inappropriate’ outfit

Fans criticise David Beckham and his wife after Harper Beckham attends a fashion exhibition wearing a inappropriate outfit.

David Beckham and Harper Beckham

At Victoria’s Paris Fashion Week debut, Harper the youngest child of former Manchester United‘s player David Beckham stood alongside model sisters Gigi and Bella Hadid. After Harper Beckham donned an outfit that many thoughts was “inappropriate” for her age, Victoria Beckham received criticism from fans.


After the performance, Victoria posted a cute video of Harper standing next to Romeo and Cruz on her Instagram story. The youngster gave a sweet message to her, saying: “Hi mummy, congratulations, I hope you have the best day,” before blowing a kiss to the camera.

Posh received unwavering support from the entire Beckham family on her special day. Following the performance, Victoria took the runway to enthusiastic ovation before greeting her front-row family.


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Fans were not happy with Victoria Beckham for her daughter’s dress

David Beckham and his family

The former popstar shared a snap of her daughter alongside supermodels Bella and Gigi in her custom VB design, but not all fans thought the outfit was appropriate. One fan wrote: “I’m really surprised that at this girl’s age they are already dressing her that way, but anyway it’s just my personal opinion.”

While another said: “I was shocked to see Harper in this dress tbh and thought it inappropriate for her age, normally dressed like young girls should but a clear miss today.”

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In his days David Beckham immediately acquired a name for himself as one of Britain’s most stylish sons and the best-dressed player in sports, a reputation he has maintained despite the end of his professional athletic career with little challenge.

The sarong worn over loose pants in 1998 and the iconic his and hers leather suits he and VB sported back in 1999 are two examples of his possibly more questionable looks over the years, but overall, Becks has put up a pretty remarkable exhibition of outfits.

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