“He complains a lot”- Tottenham manager Antonio Conte feels Mikel Arteta still has a lot of things to learn as a manager

Tottenham destroyed Arsenal in the North London derby as Kane and Son scored against the Gunners to keep the top four trace very much alive for both teams with two games to go in the league. Conte was outraged at Arteta's complaining habits after the game ended.

In a recent interview after the North London derby, Tottenham manager Conte claimed that he doesn’t like Mikel Arteta “complaining too much” and thinks he should focus more on his coaching.

Tottenham won the North London derby convincingly 3-0 against 10-men Arsenal on Thursday night after Rob Holding was shown a red card. Arteta takes a hand on the referee after the decisions the Gunners had faced throughout the match have left him with disgrace. 

Arsenal lost 3-0 to the Spurs on Thursday night with a brace from Kane as he extends his lead as the most goalscorer in the particular fixture. After the game, Arteta was seeing frustrated with the referee’s decisions which included a penalty and a red card for Rob Holding.

Arteta was furious on the sidelines during the match as the Gunners looked to extend their lead in the top four race but the defeat has left them just one point ahead of Conte’s side. Conte comments on Arteta’s raging behavior and thinks he must focus on the games as the coach without much complaints. 

“He complains a lot. He has to focus more on his team. He has to focus more on his work. He has to continue to work because he’s a very good [coach]. To hear someone complain all the time is not so good”, said Conte about Arteta. 

“I listen and he complains a lot. I think that he has to be more focused on his team and not complain because he has just started his work. He has to be calm and try to continue to work. To listen to a coach complain a lot of the time is not good,” added the Italian coach.

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How does the Premier League points table look like after Tottenham defeated Arsenal? 

“He complains a lot”- Tottenham manager Antonio Conte feels Mikel Arteta still has a lot of things to learn as a manager 2

With just two games in hand for most of the clubs in the Premier League, the top four teams remain undecided about who will look to qualify directly to the next year’s Champions League group stages.

After Tottenham beat the Gunners 3-0, they closed the gap with Arteta’s side and are just one point behind them. The win gave the Spurs hope to stay in the contention as the Gunners might miss the third spot to overtake Chelsea. Liverpool and Manchester City fight for the premier league title and Chelsea fight for their third spot with just two games to play. 

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