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“He is a complete striker”- Jerome Boateng wants Harry Kane to replace Robert Lewandowski at Bayern Munich

Bayern has stated that they have no intention of selling their star player, that if they need to do so then Boateng believes they should approach the Spurs and England forward.

Jerome Boateng and Harry Kane

Former Bayern Munich player Jerome Boateng believes the club should target Harry Kane if Robert Lewandowski leaves this summer. The veteran striker is seeking to push his way out of Allianz Arena, with a transfer to Barcelona being the most likely destination.

Bayern has said that they have no plans to sell their star player, but if they have to, Boateng believes they should rather pursue the Spurs and England forward. The transfer window is approaching, and as enticing as the potential of new arrivals is for Spurs supporters, the idea of Kane being sold to a bigger club remains a major concern.

It’s no different this time, and while Tottenham’s odds of keeping their star man are better now courtesy of Antonio Conte and the possibility of Champions League action. Things might change rapidly if Bayern Munich makes a substantial offer.

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Jerome Boateng believes Harry Kane can perfectly fill Robert Lewandowski’s shoes at Bayern Munich

Robert Lewandowski

Robert Lewandowski is the only striker in the world who can compete with Kane on a level playing field. The Pole is perhaps one of the finest goalscorers in the game, and he is one of the primary reasons for Bayern’s success. However, it appears that he intends to depart Bayern this year, and Boateng believes Harry Kane will be an excellent replacement.

“Many strikers have impressed me, at the moment they have the best with them in Lewy. After this season, Benzema can also be mentioned. At FC Bayern, I would aim to sign Harry Kane as soon as possible. That is my viewpoint,” Boateng told Sky Sports.

“In my opinion, he is a complete striker who scores every day at Tottenham. A good team, but not a world-class one. If he plays for a side like FC Bayern, I think it is a great replacement at a very good football age. But that’s up to FC Bayern,” added the Lyon defender.

It will be intriguing to watch what happens with Kane this summer, but if Antonio Conte remains and Spurs finish fourth, the Englishman is certain to stay.

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