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Here’s how Barcelona defender Gerard Pique’s new wag shares resemblance with ex-partner Shakira

The incredible resemblance between Shakira and Clara Chia Marti, Gerard Piqué’s new girlfriend

Nearly three months after Gerard Pique and Shakira parted ways, he is in a brand-new relationship already. Sunthe Young claims that she is a 23-year-old event planner who works for one of the companies that the athlete invests in, Kosmos Global Holding SL.

The two met at one of the events hosted by the production company that belongs to the player, according to what was reported by the British media, and their relationship started a few months ago.

Gerard Pique’s new relationship has recently come to light. Event organizer Clara Chia Martian is comparable to Shakira, despite the fact that he hasn’t publicly acknowledged their relationship. As a result of their striking similarities, the singer’s fans claimed that they are identical and accused him of wanting to hurt his ex. In actuality, both women are blonde and share many of the same facial features.

Here’s how Barcelona defender Gerard Pique's new wag shares resemblance with ex-partner Shakira 2

The rumoured new girlfriend of Gerard Pique, Clara Chia Marti, is 12 years younger than the Barcelona player. After it was revealed that he had been unfaithful to Shakira with another young woman who was also “very similar” to the artist, the former Barcelona soccer player was subject to harsh accusations. Fans remarked that “women just like her are looking for them,” but “younger” in that context.

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Gerard Pique wants to make his relationship with his partner official

According to various news outlets, Pique has already introduced his new partner to his parents in an effort to formally establish their relationship. They also assert that Clara is already acquainted with Sasha and Milan, Gerard’s children.

“He introduced her to his parents already, the problem is that his parents live close to Shakira’s house, there is the pool and then there is Piqué’s parents’ house. So Shakira wants to build a wall so as not to see her in-laws and cover up Clara”, was the statement of one of the hosts of Chisme No Like.

At Kosmos, the production company that belongs to the football player and where Clara Chia Marti works as public relations, Gerard Pique first met the young woman. It is claimed that they had previously crossed paths while she was a university student studying advertising and public relations and working in a nightclub in Barcelona.

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