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“I didn’t see it working really”- Paul Merson on Manchester City’s move to sign Jack Grealish last summer

Manchester City looks to win the league title this season after a shocking loss to Real Madrid in the UCL semifinal. Grealish might consider his future away from Pep's side to continue his natural game.

According to one of the football experts, Paul Merson, Jack Grealish in Manchester City is not the “perfect fit” and must leave the club to play his natural game. He stated that buying Grealish with a record fee was not the right decision from Pep’s side as he’s been playing football which involved dribbling and running around with the ball.

Pep Guardiola is famous for his passing football and it is known as the ‘tiki-taka’ style which he applies on the field with his team. Grealish has been taught a different style of football and he’s been doing that since his time at the Villa team. 

“I had a feeling it would be like this – I didn’t get the move to Man City. He’s a top player, I’m a big fan of Jack. I didn’t see it working really though. From the age of six, he’s been taught to get the ball, dribble with it, and beat everybody. From the age of six,” Paul Merson told Sky Sports.

Jack Grealish hasn’t been a regular player in Pep’s first team and comes off the bench in the second half and has to play passing football as his manager instructed him but he’s not the kind of player for playing all pass, pass, and pass.

He likes to dribble past several players all by himself and run around with the ball but at the age of 25-26, he’s got to change his style. Grealish might not like the style and won’t get accustomed so Manchester City should consider his departure maybe after one more season otherwise the player might lose his confidence. 

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Jack Grealish’s numbers since his move to Manchester City in 2021

"I didn't see it working really"- Paul Merson on Manchester City's move to sign Jack Grealish last summer 2

The 26-year-old Englishman, Jack Grealish, signed for Guardiola’s side last summer with a record £100 million and since his arrival, he has appeared in less than half of the league games and none since the Champions League group stage as a first-team player.

He has scored only 3 goals this season and has 2 assists in his 32 appearances. He might well win the League title in his first season but as an individual, he had nothing to offer to the team, which was not the case when he was in Aston Villa.

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