“He’s unbelievable” — IShowSpeed giving legendary Arsene Wenger ‘TACTICAL ADVICE’ has fans humorously hailing him as new Chelsea manager

Speed was overheard instructing Arsene Wenger to play him on the left wing.

“He’s unbelievable” — IShowSpeed giving legendary Arsene Wenger ‘TACTICAL ADVICE’ has fans humorously hailing him as new Chelsea manager

Arsene Wenger was amused during his interaction with IShowSpeed. (Image via The Telegraph and YouTube)

Arsene Wenger is regarded as one of the greatest coaches of all time. Joined Arsenal in 1996 and changed the entire outlook on training and player’s diets. In his 2nd season, he won the Premier League and the FA Cup. He once again won the double in 2002 and two seasons later he coached Arsenal to an entire season unbeaten in the league. 


After retiring from management in 2018, Wenger ventured into the world of administration. He joined FIFA as the Chief of Global Football Development, in which he oversees the development of the sport across the world. He also coaches teams during charity matches, with one going on in Qatar. 

The Match for Hope is being played in Qatar, where Team Chunkz played Team AboFlah, Wenger was roped in for the match, in which he coached Team Chunkz. The team had famous internet celebrities like Harry Pinero, Billy Wingrove, Angry Ginge, and former stars like Eden Hazard and David Villa.

Daron Jason Watkins Jr, more commonly known as IShowSpeed, was also involved in the match, playing for Team Chunkz. Speed and Wenger met each other for the first time, and Speed tried telling Wenger what was the best way to play him on the field. The two’s interaction was filmed, with Wenger amusing himself. 


Later during the pre-game match talk, Speed went up to the Arsenal legend and tried convincing him to play him in the left wing thanks to his speed. Wenger just instructed the YouTuber to run when Hazard had the ball. 

Fans claim it’s time Speed manages Chelsea 

When the clip of IShowSpeed and Wenger went viral many people could not stop laughing at the situation. They found it funny how the YouTuber tried advising the legendary manager on how to set up the team. But many took it as a chance to take digs at Chelsea and Mauricio Pochettino

Mauricio Pochettino IShowSpeed
Mauricio Pochettino was mocked after IShowSpeed was seen discussing tactics with Arsene Wenger. (Images via Chelsea and Instagram)

Being 10th in the league, Pochettino has been an easy target for fans. Many have called him one of the worst managers in the league as the giants are stuck right in the middle of the table. They joked about how Speed should be the new Chelsea manager or how Speed should be advising the Argentine. 

Here are some of the fans’ reactions:


Unfortunately for Speed, the Match for Hope did not go well. He missed two crucial chances, despite telling Wenger he was good at finishing. He then slide-tackled Kaka from the back, getting a yellow card in the process. 

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