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“It creates drama in the sport”- Red Bull’s Christian Horner and Mercedes’ Toto Wolff battle similar to Manchester United v Manchester City rivalry, claims Stuart Broad

England's Stuart Broad reveals why he is such a fan of Toto Wolff and why the drama between the Austrian and Christian Horner reminds him of the Manchester rivalry in the Premier League.

England cricket team fast bowler Stuart Broad recently interviewed for Sky Sports F1, in which he named some of the big personalties he enjoys from the world of motorsport including F1 team principals.


Board revealed he absolute adores Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff and his battle of word with fellow Red Bull counterpart Christian Horner. Toto Wolff who owns 33.33% stake in Mercedes F1 team has been in charge of the team since 2014 and since then his team has dominated the sport of F1 winning all 8 constructor championships.

When asked who would he want to be in his cricket team, Broad replied, “Toto, I absolutely adore Toto Wolff and all the GIFs that come up on social media is perfect for him” He also compared Toto and Christian’s rivalry with that of both the Manchester Clubs which is a sight to be hold.


“I love his battle with Christiano Horner and its hyped by media sometimes which I don’t believe in, I believe in some sort of Manchester United-Manchester City rivalry in there. Its creates drama in the sport and as fan, its always interesting,” he added.

If we compare both the F1 teams with the Manchester clubs, Mercedes are more like Manchester City with ample resources to compete and dominating in the past decade while Red Bull are more like Manchester United, competing since 2003 in F1 but successful recently which cannot be said about the red side of Manchester.

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Is Manchester rilvary bigger than that between Liverpool and Manchester United?

"It creates drama in the sport"- Red Bull's Christian Horner and Mercedes' Toto Wolff battle similar to Manchester United v Manchester City rivalry, claims Stuart Broad 2

Manchester City’s astronomical rise over the past decade has led to the proposition that their intercity rivalry with Manchester United has transcended the latter’s friction with Liverpool. Speaking of the context though, former Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney responded, “City have had their success recently, but I would probably say that United and Liverpool is still the biggest game,”

This statement wasn’t particularly based on Rooney’s personal hate for Liverpool. This assertion rather speaks the language for all the parties involved. Indeed, the recent ‘mutual hate’ amongst the respective supporters is largely based on the success these two clubs have had.

The on-field rivalry between Manchester United and Liverpool began in 1894, when the latter’s victory led to the former’s relegation to the Second Division.

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